So hi there!

I guess this is awkward, on a couple of levels, because I have no idea who I’m writing to. But I’ll let you know right now that you’re amazing. Anyway, I’m hoping you’ll enjoy what you read here. I’ve transferred my blog here and I haven’t told anyone, just hoping that different people will see it differently, I guess.

If you don’t know anything about me, which I hope you don’t, I’ll let you know that this blog has my thoughts. Hence ‘scooton’. Scoot-that’s what I call myself. That’s the tall teenager from South Africa with too many facial expressions if you ever wondered.

A little bit about myself: I’m a klutzy ballet dancer who likes to laugh a lot. And I like to write. I like to love people, and I love music, it keeps me going. I get crazy happy, and crazy sad sometimes, but I’m constant in the light that I LIKE TO EAT. A lot. I’m described as ‘skinny’ and I’m constantly told to “put some meat on my bones” by some. I have to refrain from punching people in the face constantly, too.

On the subject of meat, I’m vegetarian, and also anaemic. Which means No iron + iron deficiency = slight problem. To each their own, I suppose!

I hope you visit me soon, because I’d like you to know that whoever you are? I think your’re crazy for giving me the time of day. But I’m crazy too, and crazy likes crazy, so I like you.

Until next time?

-Scoot xx