Scoot on ~ being tall

What is actually going on with people shrinking these days?

You see, I stand at a height of 1.71 metres, so I’m 5″8. Being nearly 16, I like the perfect idea of a relationship, with a boy taller than me and overall loveliness. BUT NOT IN THIS LIFE.

Boys are shrinking! That’s not even a speculation, but rather a proven fact that I’ve found, with much research and analysis. I mean, yes, the average boy should be taller than the average girl, but obviously, whoever came up with these averages didn’t consider all the crap that goes into every single thing we put in our mouths.

And I’m not saying that boys need to stop eating. Please don’t stop eating. I’m just saying, that there needs to be a plan of action for us taller girls. I mean, it’s really not fair that we have to be resigned to flat shoes at prom or sandals whenever we go out. I’m a ballet dancer. My feet HATE sandals.

So what’s a girl to do? Forsake boys and general canoodling because I’m tall? Nu-uh. I’m not really sure what to do, though. I mean, I’ve been in that place where any hand holding and walking is done with me doing an awkward bent-knee shuffle , because if some guy is short enough that they go on their tip toes -more impressive than I do in ballet shoes, mind you- whenever they want to hug me, things may get a liiiiitle (a lot) bit awkward.

On the topic of hugs, there’s always the dangerous territory of the boob hug. For those of you unfamiliar with it, the boob hug occurs when a tall girl gets into a hugging situation with a boy as short as…well, her boobs. And the rest is history, as they say-except NOT. In this case, the rest was an awkward “pull-your-face-away-from-my-chest” motion, shrinking in any way possible, halfhearted hug, and also extreme awful awkwardness for the rest of <insert time period that I cannot remember that was an awful long time>.

I guess being tall does have it’s perks, apart from people using you as shade because that’s just mega fun. I mean, I can reach things on that shelf above the top shelf, you know that one where people hide the yummy stuff? I eat most  of that food. I guess it’s like a “take that, universe, for letting me be so damn tall” in a way.

I guess short girls have their issues too, but I wouldn’t know. What I do know, form one of my really good (and really short) short friends, is that there’s always someone taller than you in front of you, no matter where you go.

So as relatively messed up as it may be, I guess I’ll just stay tall for now. Until I like, shrink or something. I know, what are the chances? But I guess only time will tell…

That’s a stupendously lovely article of clothing you have on, you sexy devil you 🙂

All my love, all the time

-Scoot xx

4 thoughts on “Scoot on ~ being tall

  1. Kristin says:

    I love this because I can relate to it in more than one way…I HATE SANDALS thanks to my ballerina feet and I HATE that I’ll never get to stand on my tiptoes to kiss my boyfriend!

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