Scoot on ~ the problem with youtube(rs)

I did a bad thing today. Today, I stood in front of a staircase with an apple in my hand for exactly 42 minutes. I was eating said apple, but I refused to go downstairs. Why? I DON’T KNOW! I have perfected the art of nothingness and it’s getting scary! I don’t think you understand, but for a person to stand in front of a staircase without any reason for almost three-quarters of an hour, there is a problem.

Regardless of any of my nothingness-ness-ness, today I want to tell you about one of my favourite things in the world:


Okay, so this is from tumblr, but still, ti’s a party 😀

YouTube is basically the best thing ever. And YouTubers are literally the best things ever. Wait, is it offensive that I call them things? Meh ^^, Anywho, I just wanted to let you people in on some of the reasons why I am a failure at life and why everyone thinks I have a good friend named Melissa who provides me with much body heat (naughty 😉 ) when she’s actually my laptop.

So, if you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of years, welcome to le internet! Alternitavley called le interwebs, le place of procrastination, le best friend, le home, le…le.. well if you’re reading this then I suppose you know of the internet due to your current connection…if not, three claps for you you legend! *claps thrice*

YouTube is awesome. Now, there are some people on this YouTube thing who sometimes talk into a camera. We call these people YouTubers. 

Yes Doge, they are so many beautiful. Amongst some of my favourite camera-talking-folk who have ZERO idea that I exist are the following:

  1. Troye Sivan. Actually born Troye Mellet (huge fangirl alert) and still fabulous since then. Pleease watch these videos until the end, if not for anything but that wink at the end! So much good.
  2. Dominic. Also known as D-trix from SYTYCD (So You Think You Can Dance). Watch the “the 20” videos. Do. So much laugh. Much funny. Go. Self defined as “Reality TV loser that loves dancing to Justin Bieber. Youtube is my life. It use to be myspace, but apparently I’m the only one that still checks it.” Goooo!
  3. Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. No words. Very laughing. Watch watch watch

No you may be wondering what the problem is with these lovely people, but that is it. The problem is that they are so damn perfect and so much haha funny, tht I HAVE NO LIFE AND DO NOTHING. I guess it helps in a strange sort of way,seeing that my dearest YouTube will always be there for me. Feeling loved already. Much happy. 

Small still voice in my head is telling me that the Doge-ing is too much. If you have no idea what I mean by doge-ing, click here.

I do apologise for the absolute crap quality of this post, dearest internet. I apologise profusely and wish only for your forgiveness.

All my love, all the time

-Scoot xx


Scoot on ~ professional embarassment

Why hello there 🙂 I’ll have you all know that I wrote my last exam on Thursday and I am officially done with 10th grade…hopefully forever :/  Regardless, I’m alive and my friends are alive and you’re alive, so life is good maaaan 🙂

So while going ahead my usual useless being, I fell. On the road, while walking to the gas station, I fell flat on my knees in front of a petrol attendant. And he asked me if I was going to marry him. Hmm.

I have a tendency of getting myself into awkward situations that leave several people embarrassed. I guess that it should embarrass me more, because it’s not every day that a fifteen year old covered in dust falls to her knees in front of a very friendly man named Sipho and  nearly proposes to him. I’m fairly certain that it never happens. Except with me. This isn’t the first time I’ve almost proposed to someone, actually. The first time was when I was showing my friend Gillian the cottage at my house, and then I slipped on a piece of cardboard and ended up in proposal position in front of the plumber. I’m starting to believe that this whole muscle memory thing is real.

I don’t get embarrassed anymore. Not when I nearly propose, at least. I guess you could call me a professional embarrasser. I have this tendency to stop feeling awkward, ans just make everyone else wish that the ground would swallow them up. I suppose it comes with practice.

It’s not always helpful, contrary to popular belief. I know, that phrase is well overused, generally because it’s not popular belief. Regardless, when you reach the point where you can literally no longer embarrass yourself because of how often you do, it’s sad. And then you realise that you can, because you go about your regular embarrassing life, and embarrass yourself more than you humanely thought possible. Well, probably not you, but still.

Anyway, without further ado, here are some non-proven ways on how to embarrass yourself less. Coming from me, you should probably do the opposite.

1) Accept the embarrassment.  Look, if you embarrass yourself enough everyone else will either willingly or forcefully deal with it. But if you can’t, then you’re just gonna look like a noob. And let me get this straight, there’s nothing wrong with noobs. Just do you, I guess.

2) Learn how to recover swiftly. I have a dance which involves slowly putting your hands in your pockets…it usually embarrasses me more. But see point 1. I really think that a smile is good enough.

3) Stop reading this and go do something! Sorry, just my lack of life coming through.

Anyway , that is all for today, hope you all have a lovely Friday 😀

All my love, all the time

-Scoot xx

Scoot on ~ vague primary school memories

I don’t know what they call it where you’re from: Elementary & middle school, junior school, that horrible place before high school – whatever. Here in South Africa, it’s primary school, and it’s seven years that’s crazy hard to classify.

I guess the second you get out of seventh grade, you really just want to be out. I mean, it’s high school next, it’s insanely amazing, and it’s gonna be just like the movies. You’re gonna have a High School Musical, and you’re gonna find your very own Troy Bolton, and you’ll be even prettier than Gabriella, and you’re gonna defeat all the Sharpay’s, and you’re going to have friends as loyal and lovely as Kelsey, and I’m going to stop referencing High School Musical, because I’m starting to creep you out…

Anyway, there’s always that thought of ‘The Big Scary Teenagerism’. For most people at my school, you turned 13 the year you were in seventh grade, and you had a huge party, and at the end of the year, you go to your last school dance and you talk about all the boyfriends you had from 3rd till  7th grade, because that’s what counted. You talk about how stupid you were when you were younger, and you forget that you were ten three years ago. That was grade seven.

For some people, grade seven was different. For me, grade seven was when I realised that I didn’t really have any friends, when I tried to fit in with everybody, when all I wanted was to be part of just one group. I tried everything: I cut my hair, I talked different, I even changed my school bag. I never got it though XD I never really was ‘enough’ to be part of those white teeth teens.

One thing I made sure I didn’t do was to promise to keep in touch. Because I knew what that meant. “Keep in touch” meant that you never really talked. It meant that I was going to become that aunt who you saw just per chance, maybe in the store or something. When you said you’d keep in touch, it mean’t that you were saying goodbye. I hated goodbyes. I think I still do, unless I’m saying goodbye to a 30-foot feet eating flying ant or something.

Anyway, this all leads up to one girl I’m here to talk about today. Her name is Avnit Giatt, and I used to be so so jealous of how pretty she is. I think I still am, perhaps to a lesser extent though. Avnit is (from what I remember from 3 years ago) of average height, slim bulid, brown eyed, and insanely beautiful. She’s talented as anything, and her voice makes you question all that you thought was influential before. Also, it’s pronounced Av-Neet.

Avnit moved to Israel two or three months ago, and she’s still as beautiful as before. Only thing is, I promised to keep in touch. I promised. I never did, and now she’s in the Middle East, at least 5 hours away from me in a plane and closer to a million days away on foot. I won’t lie, I miss her.  I miss the way she’s genuine and true, a bout how she loves abundantly and hasn’t been sucked into society. Or that’s what I think.

I hope not, but I wont ever really know, seeing that I kept in touch. All I did was like a Facebook photo or two, and grant a wall post to ask permission to write this. Avnit, if you read this, I wanted to let you know that I think you’re amazing, and I love you. I truthfully do.

What I do know, is that I’m not going to keep in touch anymore. I’m there, I’m everywhere, I’m either whole heartedly going to contact a person or not at all. Because that’s all that really matters: whether you do, or you don’t.

Do you?

All my love, all the time,

-Scoot xx


So I talk about her a lot, and she’s my super lovely super pale veggie twin, and I love her. So without further ado, the first of many guest blogs by the one, the only, Jessica Rachel Craven! *cue applause audience goes wild and starts eating tonnes of food because they are already so entertained ;)*  I love Jess, and she makes some valid points sometimes – okay, most times- and if they don’t leave you with a hunger for more of her work, it sure will leave you thinking. So be sure to take a look at her blog and give me your thumbs -_- no not really, drop a like or a comment and check her out 😀


*ahem* Is this thing on? Yes? Oh.
As you may or may not have been able to tell, I feel mildly out of place in this environment. ScootOn is to my blog what New York City is to some dinky little Southern town. My cover reason for being here today is to throw in a new voice to Scoot’s lovely blog. Of course, my genuine intention is to  get more people to read my writing… but no one heard that! Right, on with the show…
It fills me with disgust that we live in a world where discrimination exists. You may now be rolling your eyes at this worn out, done-to-death topic, but hear me out. I want to share with you a story shared by Scoot and I. It’s a story of how, many years after the abolition of apartheid, numerous feminist movements, slavery and many other battles for freedom, discrimination is still plaguing the so-called ‘born frees’. I find it fascinating that I can effortlessly find examples of every single prominent form of discrimination every day in my own life. I honestly believe that discrimination is far from dead. Instead, society wants to cover it up. Instead of completely eradicating discrimination, we are covering it in a facade of togetherness. We thought that it was all gone, but when we realised it remained, we chose to ignore the cancer rather than go to the effort of exposing and killing it.
I consider Scoot to be one of my best friends. We’re just two teenage girls who share some opinions and some adventures. Now, there is what I thought would be the irrelevant issue of skin pigmentation. So, I am a few shades lighter. Who gives a flying fuck? Well, apparently, far too many people. I know for a fact that there are many people in our school who would not associate with Scoot because her closest friends are white. That’s right. There are people in OUR SCHOOL who think that race mixing is wrong.
Another awful example of how racism is far from gone is the opinions of a girl I used to be friends with. She once told me that she failed to comprehend how I could be attracted to guys who were not white. She told me that if I chose to marry a black man, she would refuse to come to my wedding. Her justification? She claimed she could not change those thoughts because she was raised that way. If that’s not a prime example of spinelessness and straight out refusal to accept diversity, I don’t know what is.
The second form of discrimination I want to chat about real quick is homophobia. Lets create a little hypothetical scenario. You are a heterosexual woman in your mid to late twenties. You are attracted to men. You are opposed to homosexuality. You meet a homosexual man in his mid to late twenties. He is attracted to men. You immediately don’t like him. WHY? You obviously like people with penises, why can’t he? What’s the difference here? Are you scared that he’s going to steal your boyfriend? Yeah, well if you carry on with that attitude, your boyfriend probably won’t want you.
Human society at large is currently in a heated debate over the so-called ‘issue’ of gay marriage. I find that a lot of people who oppose gay marriage do so as a result of their religious beliefs. Religion is great and I, along with most open-minded people, respect that. Now it’s your turn to respect other people’s beliefs. You don’t think gays should marry because YOUR religion says its bad? Well sorry for you sweetheart, we live in the twenty first century, and what your religion says has nothing to do with the way anyone else lives their life. It seems to me as if a lot of people *ahem* *AMERICA* have forgotten this.
In conclusion, I believe it is time for us to remove that pretty facade we’ve thrown over our damaged society and reveal the ugly, damaged truth. We need everyone to realise that discrimination is far from over. We need to do this so that the racists, rather than those in interracial friendships or couples, are ostracized. We need to allow everyone to marry whoever they want. We need a society where anyone, regardless of what genitalia they possess, can dress as plainly or as fabulously as they choose, without being subject to ridicule.
And that is the end of the Jess-Rant! Be sure to drop likes & comments & check out her blog! And now I shall put down her link AGAAAAAAIN: GO GO GO GO GOOO
All my love, all the time
-Scoot xx

Night 122

*** Oh, yes, I write too 🙂 please read & drop a like or comment 😀 I guess if anyone enjoys this I could add this to my regular rants 😛 Thanks lovelies 😀

All my love all the time

-Scoot xx ***


Today is Wednesday. It is the first Wednesday of the week long mid-term break.

It’s the 122nd night that I cant sleep.

I turn in my bed, looking for a comfortable spot to rest my head, something that should feel warm, natural. No, that’s not this. This feels alien, so strange–like something I don’t experience often, and for a good reason.

I try to lie on my back, facing the ceiling, and find myself contemplating the odds of the roof collapsing on me, the odds of anything collapsing on me, the odds of the odds being Ever In My Favour.

I think about the days that I used to try to fall asleep, as I turn onto my side. My bed creaks as I do. It says more than most people know, it speaks. Honest, it does. It tells me that those extra sandwiches weren’t worth it, that tomorrow’s going to be a sad day at the scale. So here, now, on my right side, I close my eyes.

I close my eyes to see exactly what I tried to avoid by doing so – I see the truth. My truth at least. That’s what the therapist told me once. “Your truth can sometimes hurt you, so it’s best to look deeper, for the real truth.” As if. As if a ten year old would understand that.

My closed eyes choose not to grow heavy, but rather to fill me with panic and fear, as I contemplate tomorrow.

It seems simple enough, this sleep thing. Simple as taking candy from a baby, simple as counting to three. Simplicity that’s too complex for me to find.

I turn on my left side, facing the wall, with one major thought in my mind- a first for me. I turn and think of tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be night 123.

Scoot on ~ introvertedness and seemingly meaningless chitter chatter

Oh, hello there! You, with the face? Unless you don’t have a face, that’d be awkward – but still! Come one, come all to the Scoot’s gonna fail her maths final and is back to her blog after 3 weeks party!

I have missed this. Not the heat from my laptop dangerously warming le thighs, but this, this platform. I guess I’m back partially because I’m procrastinating, and because Jess updated today, and also because I met one of my followers last weekend! She’s twelve years old and asked me to write something for her, so I guess this is for you Alenshka! Not this specifically but this in general…you get what I mean x_x

So I have a tendency of blabbering on about nothing while valuable people make meaningful contributions to society, and also to those of us who live on the internet and make no meaningful  contribution to society. I blabber a lot. In Afrikaans, I’d be called a babbelkous . Regardless, I like to blabber. I like to talk too much and yell a lot and get yelled at for talking too much and yelling to loud and causing a general ruckus…okay, maybe less than I thought.

I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be introverted. I guess for the first couple of years in my life in school, I was introverted. I used to love hearing what people had to say, I used to need time alone to regroup, I used to take great pleasure in teaching other people things I’d read, counting people ahead of me, observing behaviour, and having conversations with myself.

Funnily enough, nothing’s changed. Though if you ask anybody who thinks that he or she knows me, you’ll learn that introvert is often the absolute opposite-last-world-ended-all-dictionaries-destroyed-no-more-words-crazy-dilemma-we’re-all-secretly-dead word to describe me.

I’m crazy loud. I know, it get’s to people’s ears, and sometimes to the people themselves, but what can I do? I like to talk, I like to sing, I like to live most days! And with good reason, I mean I think it’s pretty amazing that one day you weren’t even thought of, and in the next ten years you’re fighting with your parents. Okay, perhaps not the best example, but still: life is insane, and totally harsh and ridiculous, but lovely nonetheless. (Sorry about the bold. I love that word. Nonetheless. Eep!)

Back to my struggle of intro-extra-upside-topsy-turvy-vertedness, I don’t really know what I am. I don’t know what makes me not introverted, apart from the fact that I love people, and I love to be around them. Okay, so maybe I know. I guess I’m just not willing to accept the label of ‘extrovert’ for some strange reason. I’ve always hated labels. Somebody puts you in a box and it takes a really long to get out. And once you finally do, you’re put in another box, and another, until you finally break out of all these boxes, only to be put inside one inside the ground.

Anyway, that’s really all I have to say today. I have to study, though I’d much rather go outside. It’s drizzling, you know those pathetic little storms that keep rumbling on with their thunder, and tease about with their periodical raindrops? That kind.

I’m glad you read this, because if you do, it means that you can read. And some people can’t. And no, I’m not saying that because I live in Africa: I’m saying that because I appreciate reading, and because you should too.

You’re fabulous. And you’d probably think that’s obligatory for me to say, but it’s not. I genuinely think so – I mean, you read this far.

All my love, all the time

-Scoot xx