10 Confessions About Whatever


1) I’ve had 9 cups of tea today.

2) Annemieke sits next to me in math and she’s crazy smart.

3) I once got bullied really badly that I called my mom to fetch me from school but she didn’t pick up.

4) I haven’t done my math homework.

5) I’m quite crap at making friends.

6) I have about 5783589420.5 acquaintances and 1.5 friends.

7) I’m quite the insomniac.

8) I hate that I feel inferior to everyone everyday.

9) I find it really difficult to climb out of bed in the mornings because I really don’t know how to face people so much so that I cry sometimes. (That’s weird and I don’t like crying)

10) I’m quite useless, really.

Bonus: I’m regretting posting this.