My name is Shalom and I am terrified.

I’m scared of everything, of myself, of people, of windows, of mirrors, of rooms, of butterflies, of time.

Just scared.


I have severe panic and anxiety attacks that sometimes last for more than three hours.

I can’t do anything because I forget how to breathe. I forget how to function.


I can’t sleep and it’s 01:14 AM here is South Africa.

I have two exams tomorrow and my school career is in limbo.


I’m terrified, and I keep crying, and I don’t like it.

I keep doing it, and I can’t talk to anyone because sometimes just a person’s mouth moving can send me right into a state of severe panic.


I’m terrified.

-Scoot xx

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  1. phoenix42013 says:

    Hi Scoot, Take a deep breath and try to calm down. I know exactly how you feel I too have anxiety and panic attacks just as you described. How I get through them is to try to remain calm, talk to someone I trust who can help bring me back down from out of the clouds, and drink water. Know you arent alone and you are not to blame for feeling this way.
    Sending positive vibes your way- Phoenix

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