Scoot on ~ straight and fast


Recently, and I mean four days ago recently, I found out that a book to film adaptation of Looking for Alaska would be made.

Reaction 1: oh

Reaction 2: OHHHH


According to Mr. Green himself, he only agreed to the making of the film so that all of us would shut up about TFIOS. Confused? Well, I’m sorry. Google maybe? If, like the majority of the population fortunate enough to know what TFIOS is and what it’s about and have read the book and or seen the film – I’m talking to you!

So Looking for Alaska is p-r-etty amazing, and if the criers cried buckets in TFIOS and if the criers are real people, then every cinema that will show Looking for Alaska, as well as every household containing a human being who will read the book or watch the film should get a sudden supply of mops with the specific purpose to  mop up tears. I feel like that should have been written in code but I’m quite useless at that so NO! 😀

Anyway, one of the taglines for the movie is, “Straight and fast is the only way out.” If you haven’t read the book, I guess you’ll have to interpret that for yourself. If you have, I think you’ll thoroughly understand the intensity of this statement. My intention of this post isn’t entirely clear – not even to myself – so I’m just going with whatever crap  comes to mind. Sorry.

Alaska Young is, in part, the representation of most teenagers. Over 20 per cent of teenagers are depressed and or suffer some sort of mental disorder, with increasing numbers in sociopathic tendencies and eating disorders. Alaska Young? Clearly depressed. Also, clearly brilliant. She has a mind like none other, and a thought process like none other, and she’s brilliant. She thinks screws things up. She leaves the people she leaves behind in a state. She’s powerful beyond measure. She’s deeply hurt. She is, for lack of a more mainstream word, celestial.

She’s probably thinking that she screwed things up with her mom again. And she’s furious and she hates herself, and she
decides, ‘That’s it, I’m doing it,’ and she sees the cop car and there’s her chance and she just floors it.”

After all this time, it still seems to me that straight and fast is the only way out, but I chose the labyrinth. The labyrinth blows,but I choose it.

There’s a way out. Your choice – or at least you think it is.

Straight and fast. Straight. And. Fast. Straight and fast.

-Scoot xx





4 thoughts on “Scoot on ~ straight and fast

  1. Shivs Spies says:

    They’re making a movie of Paper Towns as well, also starring Ansel Elgort and Nat Wolff. Personally, I prefer Looking For Alaska to TFIOS so I’m prepared to die in this movie. xx

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