Live Below The Line


update: i managed to raise just under ten pounds in that week! i donated them directly, but if you’re still interested in helping Save The Children, follow the blue donate link at the end of this post.

Hi everyone! It’s been a while yeah? Yeah. I’ve just finished with the major production at my school and I’m exhausted, but all that can be said in a life update later. Right now? An issue of importance.

UntitledWell, in support of my chosen charity Save The Children, I’m going to be living on about £1 (R11) – or below the poverty line- a day for the next five days. I’m trying to raise as much money as I can. I’ve done shopping for the week with R55 (or about £5) and my parents will not be providing me with food this week. I’m documenting my entire journey on my Twitter and Instagram (links in the side bar) and I’m trying to make a difference: almost 20% of the world lives like this, and I’d like to be part of the group of people that tries to put a stop to it.

UntitledAlright, so this is where super ambitious Shalom comes out. I’m really scared that no-one will donate but I’m trying to remain positive & keep my hopes up. What I’m asking for is for everyone who can donate ANYTHING (literally from £1 to £100) to do so, and for those who can’t to share this and inform everyone you know about what I’m doing. I’ve gotten tonnes of support and love from the online community before and I’m asking for support for something way bigger than you and me.

Please, please do something for someone else today, and help the thousands of children that Save The Children does! Click the donate button below, and share this with everyone you know!

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”

Love and light,

Shalom X

(ps: how do you like the new format?)

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