I’ve done too much physics today. I hate physics. I’m ready for a language/linguistics lesson. Are you? No? Here’s a angry British guy screaming about the traffic. Strong. Language.

Okay, so my question for the internet after four hours of trying to figure out whether the frequency of the sound made by a police siren, when heard by an observer…heck, I don’t even know what I was doing. It was physics. Something about Doppler. Probably crazy interesting. IF I KNEW A THING ABOUT PHYSICS.


So, as most words do, connect comes from from  the Latin connectere, which comes from more Latin: con meaning ‘together’ and  nectere  meaning ‘bind’.

The word connect  itself only came about in late Middle English, with the original definintion being to ‘be united physically’. It was rare before the 18th century, but it also went crazily unused between 1960 and 1980. And then came the dawn of the social networks.

Y’all. Connect got it’s flair back. You know it.

(so can you, shalom. leave this post with whatever flair you pretend to have.)

While there are nine good definitions that google found somewhere withing the 268 000 000 results in 0.21 seconds, I think that the word, sans definition, is great. Maybe I should learn Latin and become the polyglot I’ve always dreamed of being.

Alright. I’ve yelled at trees and played a song that my new lovely blogging (and Facebook) pal Engie introduced to me to 94 times. As in, I’ve listened to it 94 times and developed physics mock exam questions about girls on swings based on it. Here’s the link. (Read the post, too.)

Shalom is retiring. She’s in a strange place – she has a crush on someone you see. And we think she’s gone around the bend. But the best things are a little wonky, aren’t they? (I was going to say the best things aren’t straight but that could be interpreted as offensive and I’m trying not to have to transform into a more of a potato to roll away from situations like that.)

love and light,
shalom x

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