From A Coffee Shop Across The World | connect

NaBloPoMo? More like NaBloPo-every-time-I’m-not-at-maths-or-feeling-like-crap-Mo. Seriously, one of these months, I’m going to have to actually complete one of these challenges. Properly, I mean.

In any case, Hello Internet! I’ve been in this coffee shop for the last three (four?) hours, and I’m beginning to think I’ve overstayed my welcome. I get it, I only bought a small cappuccino but it was my SECOND coffee of the day and I still paid for it. That info aside, I’m writing this now because I’ll be damnedĀ if I don’t use the free wifi. (Technically, it’s not free. I paid for it when I paid for my cappuccino. Free. Pah.)

I’ve spent today trying to plan out the next month or two, because I have prelims (huge mock exams that count far too much) starting on August 18th, and I really. Need. To. Get. My. Self. Together.

I thought, after staring at people who walked past me and saw me nursing my coffee, that I might let you all know some things I’ve grown to know about these places. Coffee shops, I mean.

  • I spend too much time in them.

Not even because I like coffee. I mean, I’ve grown to love a cappuccino, but I originally started frequenting all of these places because the internet at my house is unbearably slow. I’m a caffeine girl now. But, just as well, the internet situation at my house has not changed.

  • Strangers! They are funny! And interesting! Unless they kidnap you or take strange photographs!

(I feel like that says enough.)

  • They’re refreshing. In a decaf way.

Call me cliched, but I genuinely adore the noise of coffee shops and the sound of those machine thingies. They do wonders for my thinking. If you enjoy those sounds too, Coffitivity is a GREAT app.

That’s all I can say. My 100MB are about to run out, and I still haven’t posted anything on Instagram.

(the struggle.)

shalom x