Call Her Out, But Call Her Cait: Caitlyn Jenner and Why I’m Never Here for Transphobia

Why transphobia is not okay at all, but detesting the elitist, superficiality of Caitlyn Jenner is. Call her out, but call her Caitlyn. Brilliant article by thekinkfolkcollective.


Caitlyn Jenner accepting Arthur Ashe Award. Source: ESPN Caitlyn Jenner accepting Arthur Ashe Award. Source: ESPN

I detest Caitlyn Jenner. The list of reasons starts with her association with the Kardashians whom I find deplorable. I detest that she believes the hardest part of being a woman is deciding what to wear. I detested the pretentious speech she gave when she accepted the Arthur Ashe Award. I detest how she only passingly mentioned how black trans women are being murdered at alarming rates during her special with Diane Sawyer. I detest Caitlyn Jenner.

I detest the media’s infatuation and pedestaling of Caitlyn Jenner. I detest that Caitlyn Jenner’s transition has been chronicled with the dignity and tenderness that poor trans women are never granted. I hate the way she’s been made the face of transgender women when her experience coming into her womanhood has been anything but typical. I hate that she’s been all over magazines exalted…

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