Blogmas, Vlogmas & December In Between | Update

Aloha! I have updates and news that are 70% irrelevant to mast things concerning most people. Little things that are happening (for real this time) but before I start, I should inform you: I’m in South Africa. Snow at Christmastime is NOT a thing. Okay. Now, it begins!

  1. Blogmas & Vlogmas

Starting on December 1st, I’m going to be doing a blog-a-day until Christmas and sometimes, a little vlog too over here on my YouTube channel – you can subscribe to get first dibs! I think I low-key know that I’m only committing to Vlogmas so I have a reason to get up and shower every day. Or something. Stay tuned for my lonely December misadventures while all my friends are (a) overseas, (b) partying it up by the sea, or (c) both. Everyone is welcome to join! I think I’ll be using WeBlogWeVlog‘s Vlogmas calendar from last year – just scroll back to December 2014. Here it is too, for your added convenience:


2. Ta, High School

I got through exams! Somehow I managed, and I don’t know how I’m going to stay sane until results day in January. In any case, a school uniform will never mandatorily adorn my body again. Bless.

3. The Series Quest

I’ve got a lot to do in terms of time wasting. For example, I’d love to watch Jessica Jones BUT I’m lucky enough to live South of the equator where Netflix doesn’t exist. Except maybe in Australia? I’m not sure. In any case, I need new series to watch, old series to finish (I see you, Game of Thrones) and something, anything, to obsess over.

That’s pretty much what December looks like for me – I hope you stick around! What does your December look like?

(That was the cheesiest, most cliche blogger ending I have ever typed out. Yeesh.)

Love and light,


2 thoughts on “Blogmas, Vlogmas & December In Between | Update

  1. maxine says:

    so, congraaaaaaats on the end of your exams! i’m not sure how to convey the full depth of my excitement for your post-high school life, because my heart says ‘a million party hat emojis go here’ but my mind says ‘may be a little weird’. anyways, i’m hyped to read all your blogmas posts, although i won’t be able to watch the vlogs bc of china and their firewall :/ & since you’re in the market for a tv show, might i suggest the mindy project? if you’re into that sort of tv show, it’s so good! and not just because it’s fronted by mindy kaling, although that’s certainly a plus factor too

    • Shalom 🎇 says:

      Thank you so much Max! I 100% think in emojis too, so have this: *sunflower emoji, three leaves emoji (you know which one), fire flame thing emoji, party hat emoji & sparkles emoji*
      I’m 100% going to try to see if The Mindy Project is available here in SA, and if so, I’ll get right on it! Thank you for being excite for blogmas! I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to get into the spirit by TOMORROW but I’ve started with cleaning out my room & installing Christmas lights…if I can find them. Stay tuned! X

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