Get Festive | Blogmas Day 2

It’s the second day of Blogmas and I’m feeling decidedly more festive! Perhaps it’s because I slept a total of 11 hours today (hello six hour nap). In any case, the festivity got real today. I proved my allegiance to the phandom by adhering to the creed: Don’t cry. Craft.

(Please can at least ONE person get my ref?)

Today we put up the Christmas tree – or, rather, what’s left of it. In a house of five children, I don’t think it’s wise to keep a Christmas tree for 6 years. (Note: in South Africa we don’t buy real trees.)It’s looking a little wonk, but we shoved every Christmassy thing we could on there.





In the spirit of Craftsmas, we also made the first ever Christmas banner our house has ever seen! It was quite fun, apart from the paint on the tiles. Not fun.



I’m glad my scrooge-ness is ebbing away. I’m 100% ready  for what will probably be the warmest Christmas South Africa has ever seen (I see you, El Niño), or at least that’s what the 23 8tracks Christmas playlists I’ve listened to today are telling me.

Merry December 2nd!

Love and light,