philadelphia, pennsylvania

My knowledge of Pennsylvania pretty much starts and ends with The Fresh Prince, Penn State, and “sorta kinda next to New Jersey I think”. I’m writing to you from West Philadelphia today, actually, and I want to tell you about my trip so far. So. Here’s my trip so far.



We decided to make a trip out of a show and booked an Airbnb for the night, allowing us to see some of the must sees in Philly before and after the show. Despite some things not going to plan – we all love a good, old fashioned unforeseen circumstance – the trip was lovely. It’s also a bit weird that we went on a Wednesday instead of the weekend, because I keep almost writing “weekend”.




Philadelphia has a charm that I hadn’t experienced before. The houses do this thing where they all look like they have secrets and stories to tell, but you’ll never know them because you’re a visitor and they know it. It was like they whispered to each other as we walked past and for a few moments, I desperately wanted to stay and catch up on the history that I’d walked by.


I’m glad I went. There’s so much more I would have liked to see, but I’m happy with what the little vignette of Philadelphia that I now have. To more travels, my friends.

love and light,
shalom xo

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