washington dc in 24 hours

Hi friends. I’m decidedly perkier today, considering I have a train back to Jersey this morning and I am excited to do my laundry. Seriously, it was a mistake not doing so before break. In any case, I’m coming to you from a Starbucks in DC where I’ve spent the last day. Technically it’s just under 24 hours, but we’ll call it what we’ll call it. Here’s the trip!

Bri and I stayed in a lovely room full of light in the home of a wonderful family in Northeast DC. Surrounded by the Franciscan monastery and the Catholic University, our little nest in Brookland was so welcoming, especially after the night we had.




We had lunch at what is probably one of my favorite spots now, Busboys and Poets. Busboys and poets has an extensive vegan and vegetarian menu (all so good) and such an incredible vibe combining culture with good food. There were books for sale and organic ketchup and it was everything I could have asked for in a tempeh panini and smashed avo toast. I love avo toast.

Seeing the sights in DC feels a little repulsive now. It’s definitely got something to do with the current administration, but I can’t help but be more aware of the city being something built on the bones of people. Idk idk idk. George Washington? Probably an okay guy. Also very racist. Slave owner. Kinda gross. Idk? Some things were cool to see though, like this church. Yes this church.





We ended the night with an impromptu show, seeing Courtship, The Hunna, and Coasts. I have no photos because collectively, Bri and I had about 30% battery, so I kept my phone off until it was time to get home. One kicker of an evening minus the migraine that knocked me out not even halfway through the second band’s set. I spent the show mostly thinking about my lads and how excited I am to book them a big tour one day. One day soon, you guys. Let’s get carried away.

I’m nursing a coffee before getting to the station because I have a 9 am train to Jersey to be on. And you know, the more I think about it, the more I’m into these tiny trips. Granted, a three and a half hour drive and countless uber rides later, they don’t seem so tiny. I’m looking to do more of them, though. America is far too big not to go. Ya girl is gonna shut up and go.

love and light,
shalom xo

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