big magic

look, it’s a bit of a weird one.

i’m learning a lot leading up to twenty (less than two weeks now!) and a lot of it is due to me revisiting elizabeth gilbert’s big magic. big magic talks about living a life of creativity beyond fear, and about trust and divinity, and about taking chances and being realistic. but probably the most important lessons i’ve learned so far are about curiosity and the nature of inspiration.

curiosity: look, we need to stop relying on passion for everything. passion is great, but it’s really something you feel you have to do, like a blazing fire in your heart that you can’t put out. and it’s great to be passionate, but the problem is that creativity doesn’t always link up with passion. sometimes you can be passionate about something – so passionate – and never get the creative juices going for it (i’m gonna talk about that later). so instead, curiosity. curiosity doesn’t ask to be the all consuming fire that makes you want to wake up – it simply asks, “is there anything you’re interested in? anything at all?” – it demands very little but can reap big rewards. big magic at work, if you will. i think i’m trying to look at my curiosity as a gateway these days. not specifically as something i am using to get to writing, but rather something that i can consistently rely on to keep me busy. idle hands are the devils tools, and don’t even get my mom started on the dangers of an idle brain. long story short, i’m asking myself, “is there anything you’re interested in?” and then pursuing that thing, or those things. i’m doing it, and if they bring me back to writing, so be it. i know something will always bring me back to writing.

inspiration: well. inspiration is always looking for a home. be open. be ready. how do you do that? keep working on something, anything – even if you’re just curious about it. inspiration is always looking for someone to grab onto it and say, “yes! i knew you’d come around!” so be that person. open your heart. trust yourself and your creativity. trust enough to put your work out. trust enough to work at something.

these words all sound a bit fuddy duddy coming from me, who hasn’t done anything creative in weeks. they matter though, because i’m currently curious. i’m still doing stuff. and that stuff will bring me back here, because it always does. that’s big magic.

love and light,
shalom xo