dance yrself clean

it’s a good morning in the house and heart of shalom. i woke up and watched derry girls, and then looked at my naked body in the mirror that came with my room – it’s an upgrade from the duct taped one in my old room – and shook myself out. i shook my arms and shook my legs and i felt like my body was mine. i felt like i had ownership of the thing that i had such a tumultuous relationship with, and even more than ownership – i felt connected to it. i felt like it was mine.

dancing has always been freeing for me. i’ve never been very good at it, see my ballet endeavors from 2011-2016, but i’ve always wanted to do it. and do it more. and do it without caring what other people think.

today i danced to lcd soundsystem with my naked body jiggling all over the place, and it felt good. and i danced to dance yrself clean and i felt clean. and i put it on repeat in the shower and i danced. and i danced.

dance today.

love and light,
shalom xo

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