A Tribute

This is a tribute.

A tribute to every single human being in the universe, everybody who has ever experienced death, a tribute to anyone who has ever breathed his or her last, a tribute to a person who is alive.

This is a tribute to Ndaba Ndlovu, the little boy who was killed by his mother when I was in grade 6. A tribute to Jake Kritzinger who left us on August 1st last year. To Jennifer Fields, the six year old daughter of my science teacher who went into cardiac arrest. To Mekyla Viviers who took her life on June 21st 2011.

This is a tribute to my mom, who has seen incredible pain. A tribute to Muadi Ilung for passionately blow drying her hair every day. A tribute to Jessica Craven for shamelessly loving science. To the two people Russia who visited my blog. To Tanya Meyer, for finding herself. To Meghan Duran and Jessica Baylis for living with me. To Allison Beachy for running four miles last week.To Phoenix Falconer for making a video with me on grade eight camp. To Taynita Harilal for not being captain, but for being Tay.

In my year and +- four days of blogging, I have found out some extraordinary things. I’ve found out that the darkest days have light in them. I’ve found out that life can end without anyone’s permission. I’ve found out that getting up is sometimes he only way to stop dying. I’ve found out that some pain doesn’t go away.

Penultimately*,I have come to this conclusion:

As people, we are constantly moving. In and out of this world, through phases, to bigger and better things – we move. Always. Tanya Meyer once delivered a speech that began: “We live, we die, and in between there is time.” And friends, that’s the biggest deal. There is time. If you’re reading this, the chances of you having the same life experience as a six year old that were cut ridiculously short are slim. But you have had your own. We don;t all get the same amount of time here on this planet, but we do have a little. A lot can happen in a year. A lot can change. Suddenly, your best friend isn’t so close to you anymore, and suddenly,some people have been dating for two years, and suddenly, you move schools, and suddenly, you gain weight. The beauty of this lies in the time it takes, whether, in hindsight,  it is considered to be wasted or not. There is life, there is time, there is hope, there is death, there is love,there is light. There is.

Am I sure? Hell no. I am sure, however,that this year of blogging has helped me to believe in what I say more. Thank you for being here, and well done for living. Here’s to another year.

All my love, Shalom xxx

* credit goes to Jessica Craven for teaching me how to use the word penultimate properly, even though it was a conversation about who the head pimp was.

Cha Cha, Real Smooth

Cool things to blog about when you realise you’ve been blogging for 6 moths:


Meghan and Jess are from Bethel College in Indiana and we were #MEGABLESSED to be their host family for a week of their semester abroad her in South Africa. They’re my new sisters and literally altered my future (seriously, I’m going to Bethel now) and I love and miss them to pieces.

Left to Right: Me (sassy AF), Meghan (Culos bajito), Danielle (little sister #2), Jessica (oh yeah selfie yeah), Immanuela (little sister #1)

Left to Right: Me (sassy AF), Meghan (Culos bajito), Danielle (little sister #2), Jessica (oh yeah selfie yeah), Immanuela (little sister #1)



So then Shortstraw was performing 'Bikini Wearther' and then Al Bairre and Matthew Mole were just there too...

So then Shortstraw was performing ‘Bikini Weather’ and then Al Bairre and Matthew Mole were just there too…

Members from December Streets, Shortstraw, Matthew Mole and Al Bairre (gaaah)

Members from December Streets, Shortstraw, Matthew Mole and Al Bairre (gaaah)

Probably one the most brilliant experiences ever, seeing as it was my first official like music thing thing. As a consequence of this amazingness, I give you links to hear Al Bairre, Shortsraw, December Streets and Matthew Mole.


I have nothing else to say on this topic. Credit: 9GAG

4. HOW AMAZING IT IS THAT YOU’VE BEEN BLOGGING FOR SIX MOTHS (jhgsfag21t376jkbekjg356*+wseu589493287`)

credit: http://www.cutestpaw.com

Thank you so much guys! I can’t wait to spam you with more of my rubbish 🙂 Remain lovely!

-Scoot xx



Whaaaaaat! Yes, I have been blogging for 4 MONTHS! This ride has been CRAZY and I couldn’t be more appreciative of all the support I’ve gotten.

I mean, there are people in this world who bother to hear me out, and that means tonnes.

So in the true spirit of what embodies me –procrastination–  I ought to start something that I said I would AGES ago: My first blog.

After several strangely unsuccessful years’ attempts at popularity, I thought that I ought to  do something insane, something that no other 5th grader was doing: I’d start a website!

Now, as my 10 year old self would come to know, it’s not as easy as it looks. I really did try to make it as cool as possible, and it ultimately resulted in something like 7 websites and 4 blogs, on Blogger, Yolasite, and a couple of others I’m too tired to remember – it’s almost 11.30 pm where I am.

I can distinctly remember my last post – which was also my 2nd post – on my 8th grade blog called something I cannot  currently remember (No, that was not actually the name x_x though it easily could have been). That last post was called And yet I wonder…. and it went a little like this:

Blah blah blah 13 year old rubbish, fake friends hmm who are they…yeah my friend Jess is next to me blah blah okay bye!

Yeah. That’s it. I’d like to think I’ve gone a long way. I mean I blog to get out there, and I like to think that some people appreciate my thoughts.

I should go get more things done. And sleep. But probably not.

Regardless, stay marvellous, and I do hope you stick around for a while, just to see me rant and talk and yeah, I’m probably chasing you away now.

All my love,
-Scoot xxx