Reasons to love Lorde & Disclosure’s MAGNETS video

I started this post two days ago. Seriously.

Okay, so that sounded more like a Buzzfeed title than I intended.

Lorde & Disclosure teamed up earlier this year to create the “dark electric blues and greens” track that “moves like liquid”. The product of the combination was MAGNETS. The track is available for download on iTunes here.

Now, let’s talk about this video.


This video is just !!! It gives me life. The narrative changes from “oh, classy Lorde” to “affair?” to “omg hit girl?” It’s amazing. Here’s what Lorde had to say about it:

The reason I love Lorde is because she’s so unapolagetically herself. Ella is 18, and takes no shit. It’s brilliant, and it’s what I want to be at 18. Her tumblr has kept me alive since 2012 and everyone should follow her if you’re in need of something to scroll through for hours and reconsider the state of everything. You should. Seriously. Right here.

That’s all I have to say about MAGNETS. It’s currently my favourite song. I adore the video. Ella Yelich-O’Connor is my hero.

love and light,
shalom x

September Favourites

Greetings! It has indeed been too long of a while. Things have changed around here – well, one thing has changed here – my theme! I was going for the modern-but-also-annoyed-but-also-really-happy-with-this look. Did I succeed? Let me know!

Now, I’ve never done a favourites post, but I was trailing through the danger that is my internet history, and I found some things that I think people would be better off knowing about. Yes. Dangling preposition. I see it. I’m ignoring it.

1. Cœur de Pirate

Cœur de Pirate (literally meaning Pirate’s Heart) is Béatrice Martin and her French indie-pop  melodies. Check her out if you’re a fan of  Local Natives , The Head and The Heart, and Of Monsters and Men. The chances are that you’ll love Cœur de Pirate regardless. Her latest single, Carry On, is available in both French and English, and the newest album, Roses, is available for download on iTunes here.

2. The New Instagram Update

I’m not even kidding, guys. I love this a lot. If not the DM groups, then the full sized photos. I’m not a crazy instagrammer, but I love the app as much as the next social media obsessed person. If you’ve been living under a rock, or if the data struggle has been real, this article will tell you what you need to know. Yay Instagram!

3. This Vine:

‘nuf said.

4. WILD by Troye Sivan

Everybody knows how  I get about Troye. Troye Boy. My small son. Troye Sivan released his fourth EP this month, and people are LOVING it. WILD is six tracks, featuring Broods and Tkay Maidza on EASE and DKLA respectively. The Blue Neighbourhood music videos (I’ve included the first one here) are a trilogy that showcases Troye’s inspiring use of his platforms to make a statement about the plight of gay teenagers (and young people in general).

Every offering on this EP is gold, and I’m eternally overjoyed to own it. WILD is available on iTunes here.

5. Mary @ MaryPlethora

Screenshot (217)

Mary is one of my favourite bloggers. This September, she moved away from home to attend university in the UK, and it’s been amazing to have been able to follow her journey into student life. She’s also so kind, and so, so beautiful! Happy birthday for the 12th, Mary, and I wish you all the best for this year! I can’t wait for this lovely, lovely girl to show uni who’s boss. Check her out here at

Thank you for sitting through  five of my faves for September – perhaps this’ll become a usual feature? We’ll see, I suppose! In any case, to you and yours:

love & light

I AM HERE FOR MYSELF ||the identity series

Recently, I’ve been thinking more about who I am,  why I am that person and what it means in terms of the way that I live. “Recently” is issue sensitive- some I’ve been pondering for a year, and others for closer to eight. Either way, this is what it culminates in: a series of posts concerning something vital to my being: identity.

FreshPaint-22-2015.08.17-09.49.50i am here for myself

A while back, my friend Casey set her WhatsApp status to the following: “Radical self-love. I am here for myself.” The words stuck with me and have been swimming around in my head next to my history coursework and a massive section of differential calculus that I don’t understand. What does it mean to be there for yourself? To be here for yourself? I wondered, and I said that sentence many times in my head before I said it out loud. Until today.

Time: the present. It’s the day after my first exam. I’m at the store, browsing the biscuit isle in preparation for the food coma that comes with the sadness after a maths exam. I stop at the Oreos, consider them, and decide anfainst them. Then, I get cat called. In. A. Supermarket.  Are you kidding me? These men- at least 25- whistle at me and start speaking to me — A HUMAN BEING IN A SCHOOL UNIFORM CLEARLY INDICATING THAT I AM MORE THAN LIKELY A MINOR– and don’t get the message that I’m uninterested.

One of them asks to buy the Oreos for me. I smile and say, “No, thanks.” He says, “Come on, I’ll give you a treat and you can be my treat.” I stop smiling. I say, “No, thank you.” He reaches for my phone (by the way, be very glad that I am behind a computer screen because I am furious) and says, “Give me your number, baby girl.” I say, “No. I’m spoken for and you make me uncomfortable.” He gets upset, obviously, because he throws the Oreos.

Needless to say, I left the biscuit isle.

Anyway, after this incident, I went back to the biscuit isle – BECAUSE I FRICKEN LOVE BISCUITS OKAY?- and two men who work at the store talked to me. In essence, they said: “That guy wanted to buy you a big box of Oreos and you said no, and now here you are buying a tiny pack of biscuits.

I don’t know why, but at this moment, Casey’s words clicked.

I looked at them and said, “I’m good. I don’t need him or his biscuits. Radical self-love, man. I am here for myself.”

It should be noted that I flipped my hair and sass walked away. It was like a movie. It was fricken GRAND.

Long winded Oreo saga aside, my point is this: independence is a huge part of my identity. Whether it’s objecting to cat calling or refusing things from others, it’s all me.

I am here for myself. And I always will be.

love and light
shalom x


It’s another Tuesday, it’s another Tunesday!

(Shalom, what’s Tunesday?)

Well, here’s the first installment. It’s different to Hannah Hart’s Tunesday, which you totally should check out here, because instead of answering questions, I give music recs. I’d make this a feature, but we’ve all seen how Shalom and scheduled posts operate.


1. Message Man by Twenty One Pilots

Twenty One Pilots is The Band. You know how everyone has that one band or artist that they are absolutely mental about? That’s them. Yes. You see, I’m one of those “saved by the music” fans, and since they entered my life in 2012, I have not been able to shake them. Resonably so, seeing that the music, and the members, are Uh. Maze. Ing. Twenty One Pilots is Tyler Joseph (vocals/piano/ukelele/bass) and Josh Dun (drums/trumpet). Message Man is the 11th track off their latest offering, Blurryface. In four words? This may change you. Arguably one of my favourite songs off the album, Message Man deals with more than how we live in the world, but also the importance of being alert and awake while being alive. I’m doing a poor job. Just, just listen to it.

2. Girls Like Girls by Hayley Kiyoko

This song is just wow. I’m doing very badly at adjectives today, can you tell? My friend Engie wrote this here post and introduced me to this song. Two things about this: (1) Hayley Kiyoko has insane talent musically, and also in terms of directing. (2) Girl steals girl? Yes! Yes! This song was so refreshing and so, so needed, because I swear, if Mr Steal Yo Girl goes ahead and STEALS YO GIRL while Ms. Steal Yo Girl is just as (if not more?) capable of doing so people should know. Fave lines: “Always gonna steal your thunder, watch me like a dark cloud /on the move collecting numbers, Imma take your girl out.”

Watch. Listen. DO IT.

3. Hallelujah by Panic! At The Disco

ALL YOU SINNERS, LISTEN UP. Okay, so maybe this post did turn into an alternative music flurry of stuff, but this song is important. Even if you’ve never heard of P!ATD, Brendon Urie’s vocal range should do it for you. This video will not make sense to you immediately – the band has a habit of doing that. Anyway, Hallelujah is about, I don’t know, whatever you want it to be. It’s all about “A moment you’ll never remember and a night you’ll never forget.” Do yourself a favour, because “the time for being sad is over” and it is TIME to watch 80% confused and 20% dancing Brendon Urie.

Thus concludes Tunesday! These have been my faves for the last week or two and I like documenting these things. There we go.


love and light,
shalom x



I’ve done too much physics today. I hate physics. I’m ready for a language/linguistics lesson. Are you? No? Here’s a angry British guy screaming about the traffic. Strong. Language.

Okay, so my question for the internet after four hours of trying to figure out whether the frequency of the sound made by a police siren, when heard by an observer…heck, I don’t even know what I was doing. It was physics. Something about Doppler. Probably crazy interesting. IF I KNEW A THING ABOUT PHYSICS.


So, as most words do, connect comes from from  the Latin connectere, which comes from more Latin: con meaning ‘together’ and  nectere  meaning ‘bind’.

The word connect  itself only came about in late Middle English, with the original definintion being to ‘be united physically’. It was rare before the 18th century, but it also went crazily unused between 1960 and 1980. And then came the dawn of the social networks.

Y’all. Connect got it’s flair back. You know it.

(so can you, shalom. leave this post with whatever flair you pretend to have.)

While there are nine good definitions that google found somewhere withing the 268 000 000 results in 0.21 seconds, I think that the word, sans definition, is great. Maybe I should learn Latin and become the polyglot I’ve always dreamed of being.

Alright. I’ve yelled at trees and played a song that my new lovely blogging (and Facebook) pal Engie introduced to me to 94 times. As in, I’ve listened to it 94 times and developed physics mock exam questions about girls on swings based on it. Here’s the link. (Read the post, too.)

Shalom is retiring. She’s in a strange place – she has a crush on someone you see. And we think she’s gone around the bend. But the best things are a little wonky, aren’t they? (I was going to say the best things aren’t straight but that could be interpreted as offensive and I’m trying not to have to transform into a more of a potato to roll away from situations like that.)

love and light,
shalom x

Helen Martins – AKA my Senior Year History Task

Hello friends! Today I’d like to (as a part of my History assignment) share some things about Helen Martins with you.urBriefly: Helen Martins was a crazy, glass-crushing-glass-eating-glass-sculpting-outsider-artist-with-no-baby-toes from Nieu Bethesda is South Africa AND SHE WAS WONDERFUL.

Miss Helen herself.

In more detail:

Between the years of 1941 and 1945, Helen Martins began the intense decorative project that consumed her until her gruesome caustic soda induced suicide in 1976. She began to “express the brightness around [her]” by using the materials at her disposal – cement, wire and coloured glass- to transform her dull and limited reality into a world that she saw fit to live in. Helen created the now famous Owl House and camel yard of Nieu Bethesda in from a desire to create a world defined by light, colour and symbolism. She created her own world.

The Owl House today.

(feel free to drop me an email if you’d like to read my project!)

 All in all, the essence of the project is to create a monument, or memorial of some sorts. In South Africa recently we have had much debate about what monuments are important, who should be commemorated, where these monumenets should be and whether they are still relevant. It seems as though statues are losing their place in our society. I decided to create (or conceptualise, rather) a bridge, for these reasons:

Bridges usually serve the purpose of connecting two places, and in my opinion Helen Martins was the bridge between the fantastic, magical world that she created, and the reality in which the rest of us live. Hence, my belief that a bridge would be an appropriate way to remember her.

Part of the Camel Yard

The bridge is located in a fairly busy area and provides a moment of seclusion, similar to those that Helen so enjoyed. It is fenced in on all but one side, to emphasise the trapping nature of solitude, but also the soothing and gentle products of some “alone time” in a world as busy as ours.

I think that the bridge, being interactive, is (1) more accessible to the wider public [like history should be] and (2) really able to be appreciated more. As an act of sculpture (of sorts) to remember a scultptor, and because of the intentions and purposes of the bridge, I honestly love to create something like this one day.

I invite you to look up Helen Martins – do your research on the finest creator of Outsider Art that South Africa had the pleasure to play home to. Again, please send me an email if you’d like some information on her or the full progression of my project!

In essence, this project was a joy to do – I got the chance to dabble in the late 1800s and early 1900s and I guess it’s just things like that that tickle my history nerd fancy.

Today, I leave you with a quote from Miss Helen herself:

 “…we must live our lives passionately and to the full…life with its happenings flashes past my eyes so quickly”

Love and light,

TUNESday (even though it’s Thursday)

Hello pals!

This week some things have happened.

  • I have somehow acquired fantastic dress sense
  • I  may have broken a tambourine
  • I’ve put two people to sleep in my lap (so far!!!)

That aside, today I’ve discovered and rediscovered some beautiful music, and I’m going to share it with you all. I don’t know why it was such a difficult decision to make, but it was and I sat on my knees for a long time before I started writing this post. In any case, here you go! Forgive me, because I am not good at reviews!

1. The Girl by City and Colour

City and Colour is Canadian singer-songwriter Dallas Green. This track, from the Bring Me Your Love album of 2008, is full of simple lyrics and beautiful guitar, and has the ability to send me to an summer-autumn day in thirty seconds flat. The lyrics are cyclical and every verse reinforces the former. It’s a beautiful song. 100% recommend.

2. Same Suit, Different Tie by The Maine

I don’t know if I adore this song because of how much I want to believe in the lyrics, or because of the truth of them. Both, I rate.You see, there’s something about realising that you have, or can, find yourself “so through with [your] miserable youth”Same Suit, Different Tie  is all about shaking off the awful high school or primary school memories, but remaining yourself, and then eventually killing it in the “real world”. My favourite thing about this song is that it feels like a splashing around in anything that lifts my spirit. I’ve made a conscious effort to dress in a way that makes me feel super grand this week (post coming, believe me) but really, I’ve just found myself “shaking off the dust and assuming a pose”. Give this a listen if you (a) are feeling down and need to remember how to take care of yourself, (b) if you want to hear some good music, or (c) if you like indie-rock bands that deserve more recognition.

NOTE: I love this album very much & may end up doing a whole post on it. Who knows? (Not me.)

3. Give Me A Try by The Wombats

Alrighty, fellow mortals: let’s talk about The Wombats. The jumpy English indie rock band has a habit of releasing kick ass songs with dancey beats and catchy lyrics, and judging by the music from the new release Glitterbug (available for pre-order here), including Give Me A Try, this should be a good year for them. Give Me A Try is wonderful, because it’s what it implies: it’s asking for a chance. My favourite line is “London can try, it’ll never swallow me whole”. The chorus – a proposal, in some way – is one I’d say yes to:

We could be gigantic, everything I need
Vicodin on Sunday nights
This could be worth the risk, worth the guarantee
This could be the drug that doesn’t bite
Just give me a try

I think everyone should. Just give it a try! (see what I did there?) (I made myself giggle, okay.)

Thus ends my musical recs/reviews post! It was difficult – more difficult than I anticipated, but I loved making it and listening to more music. I hope you guys enjoy this, and if you don’t, I’ll enjoy it for you. Have a beautiful day!

[it’s almost midnight and i have rehearsal tomorrow so i’m 400% certain that the crash is coming]

love and light
Shalom x


Aloha friends! I’m up bright and early (read: I didn’t go to bed) and I’m feeling very happy.

Today is Tuesday, January 6th 2015. Some observations:

  1.  We’ve made it this far!
  2. It’s the year from Back To The Future!


Before I get into anything and possibly make you lose interest, please listen to THIS beautiful playlist! It’s today’s soundtrack. That’s all.

I went up to the rooftop of my house today, at 5AM to take some pictures of the sky. While I was up there, I had a little exchange with the universe. I let go of so much general crappiness I was carrying and left it. I looked at the sky and danced alone on a roof and was astounded at how much of the world there is, and how easy it is to completely detach from it.

I also got a little sentimental when I realised just how beautiful a Johannesburg sunrise is, because all my life I’ve just wanted to get away from it.

And you know what I’ve realised? That’s okay. You wanna chase the sun across the earth until your 85? Do it. Wanna become a stay at home dad and upholster couches in your spare time? Do it. Have no idea what you want to do or where you’re going? It’s alright. Just don’t stop.

In South Africa, the high school class of 2014 will get their results today. People will cry. People will be overjoyed. People will feel freedom like never before. In a year’s time, I will be those people. I will panic like they are, and I will pray like they are praying. And you know what?

That’s okay.

In the song, Light It Up by Eliza and the Bear, some lyrics kinda grab me by the everything and put things into perspective:

“I lost myself in the cold, but I’m still here. I found myself growing old, but I’m still here.”

We’re all still here . And damnit, we’ll be okay.

Have a beautiful day, lovely people!

Love and light,
shalom x

there are so many things a new year can possibly bring.

that being said, a new minute can also bring hope; a new day inspiration, a new week depression. new years are supposed to bring joy, prosperity, and excitedness.

friends, i am excited.

there is so much of this world, so much in it, too. this year, i’ll be throwing so much out into the world. at least 40 pages of applications to universities (11 so far) will go out across the world – to the uk, the usa, and south africa. everything that you write your name on is a piece of you, you know.

i’m going to be in my final year of high school. well, i am. i am in my final year and i’m going to have to work harder than i ever have before. i’m going to do a lot of head shaking and nay saying. i’m going to have to look out for myself.

on that note, without further ado:

shalom’s points for 2015, vol. one

+ drink more water. just do it.
+ laugh genuinely.
+ work for yourself.
+ remember that the world is still yours.

+ slow down.
+run. just run and when you’re tired, come home. but run if you need to run.
+ be self sufficient.
+ save R1000. without any help.
+keep lib balm on call.
+light candles whenever.
+remember to put on lotion!
+take care of your hair.
+do your  maths homework.
+ask for help.
+ take your medication when you need to.
+talk to people before you get bad again.
+talk to people because they’re lovely.
+  do your part to make your dreams reality.
+remain hopeful.
+wear more arm candy.
+stop apologising for your existence and preferences.
+be lovely and kind.

thank you for a beautiful blogging year of 2014. i can’t wait to see what this year brings, and i’m sending lots of nice things your way. *super brain transfer*

So speak of all the love we lost, and what it cost us,
Left us beg our breath to stop but we kept on and
We were strong. We stayed bright as lightning,
we sang loud as thunder, we moved ever forward.
We are not our failures. We are love.

The Castle Builders, La Dispute

love and light,


Some disclaimers:

1. I am female.

2. I write from whatever perspective I want.

3. I am not actually a boy named Adam.


I’m very lucky. Her name is Jenifer and she uses strawberry scented shampoo.

I like to go on walks with her – she likes to walk. I usually hate being alone but I love being alone with her. I don’t know if that makes any sense – I tend to lose most of my sense when I’m with her. She’s like a drug, I guess. I feel like I’m on every drug in the solar system when I’m just standing next to her, and holding her hand usually sends me into a neighbouring universe. Heaven knows that she’s not out of this world, but she must be something special.

We’re both so ordinary, actually. I don’t know why. We both tried to be different at one stage; she got a piercing and I stopped wearing a belt on my jeans. It didn’t work, for me at least. She still has her piercing. It’s beautiful, like every other part of her. The whole of her is so, so beautiful.

They say that you don’t forget your first kiss. I think that’s a lie. I forgot mine. I think it was in a movie cinema and horrible. I do remember kissing her, though. She was holding my hand and I thought I was going to fly away. I liked her, and she liked me, and we both knew. We were sat on a carpet in her living room, and I couldn’t think clearly. It made sense. She was in front of me. Jenifer. What else was there to think of?

Between the skin on her hands and wrists and the voice that she had, I don’t know which was smoother. She looked at me very closely, and I thought I’d screwed up, but instead, she laughed. She laughed her beautiful Jenifer laugh, and tried to cover her face with the hand that was intertwined with mine. “I like you, Adam.” I forgot how to speak, as expected. She laughed more and I replied, “I know,”.

And then, it was like everything that I thought was good and right in the world was in front of me. I was taken by the smell of strawberries that wafted towards me, and the feel of her hair between my fingers. She laughed, and kissed me. By the time her lips touched mine, and I felt the muscles in her face work towards a small nervous smile, I was so far gone into a world where only her and I existed. Adam and Jenifer world. Full of kisses and strawberry shampoo and hand holding. I smiled, at a loss for words, and she giggled, and we both laughed more than we had in weeks. We lay on the carpet, close to the TV. There, with her head on my chest and my hand running through her hair, I asked myself why I was in the situation I was in, where she had come from, how she was so beautiful. I couldn’t answer myself. I figured I was lucky.

As my mom came around to pick me up, she skipped beside me as I walked to the car.

“I know, ” she whispered, as she kissed me on the cheek. I didn’t know how it could have happened. I didn’t get it. I couldn’t make sense of it. Then again, it may have just been a Jenifer effect.

“I like you, Jenifer,” I said. Then, I got into the car while she greeted my mom.

Honey just put your sweet lips on my lips,

We should just kiss like real people do.


Love and light,
Shalom X