Scoot on ~ where social insecurities go to hide

So today I thought I’d write to you from my IT class. Being one out of the three people in my classroom environment filled with predominantly oestrogen, my class can be defined as territory for the brave. Okay, maybe I’m being a little exaggerative, but you need to hear me out.

As of now, I have science as my last lesson of the day and I’ve done no homework, I’m going to skip public speaking so that I can get a ride to ballet only to be told that I’m pointing my feet the wrong way and “not to worry, it’ll get better in time”, and then I’m going to get home and be swamped with homework and probably sit on the couch closest to the wireless router in my house and browse instagram, tumblr, and Facebook until my cows that I never have had the desire town come home.

But apart from all that, I have to deal with now. Right now, it is 12.29 pm GMT +2, and I am surrounded by 15 people currently (and hopefully for some or other person) equipped with otherwise shaped genitalia and RAGING HORMONES THAT I CANNOT ACTUALLY DEAL WITH.

Let me be enraged for a minute: IT IS NOT EASY TO BE THE FEMALE OBSERVER! I mean, you’re probably thinking, “Come on Scoot, it’s not that bad.” But let me tell you, THAT IT IS.

To be honest, the title of this post wasn’t planned coherently with this post but the more I write, the more it does. My IT class is full of expectation. Seriously: there are 15 boys to whom the perfect girl is fair skinned, thin, fit, fun-loving, smart, athletic and all in all, Christmas morning.

So, what does that have to do with anything? Well, once the guys are done feasting their prying eyes upon the protruding exterior of my incredibly intelligent IT teacher, they tend to look around them. And on several occasions, I’ve been told that Ashlyn and I aren’t Christmas morning. We aren’t up to scratch, not good enough.

But this is where it stops.

There are so many beautiful human beings – ale and female alike- who aren’t Christmas morning. And why would they want to be? Christmas is a capitalist ploy to extort consumers out of anything and everything in the shortest time frame possible. Maybe they’re Independence morning – loud, and over acknowledged, yet looked over at the same time. Maybe some of these people are new years day, because they bring fresh hope, yet always seem the same as the previous. Or maybe, just maybe, some of these people are nights, and don’t fit into the moulds of perfect mornings. 

But how would anybody know. Nobody ever asks.

Now, a class mostly full of penises, (in my opinion the plural of penis is actually peni but hey, whatever the English language says goes), some things are bound to appear. If you’re ashamed of your legs, then these boys will probably reassure you that you should be. It’s the way it goes sometimes.  Or, sometimes, they’ll tell you what I got told mid-2013:

What is actually wrong with you? Because I’m not gonna lie to you and tell you that supermodels have nothing on you or that you’re the hottest girl in the school, but I’ll tell you this: you have got to get over yourself. Because your body is fine and if you keep going about like the world is gonna end if you don’t transform into someone else- it’s probably going to end.”

A 16 year old boy told me this, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

There really are only so many things you can do: live, or die. Both happen, but only one is guaranteed to it’s full potential. (PS IT’S DEATH.) You have insecurities? Get them out. Because not everybody is lucky enough to be dipped into enough testosterone daily to be  reminded of why he or she shouldn’t have them.

All my love,

Scoot xx

Scoot on ~ being vegetarian

My name is Scoot, and I am a vegetarian.

Sounds like some strange introduction to an AA gathering, but you know that same apprehensive, sad, pitiful tone people get when they hear that someone’s in the AA? That tone, is what I get almost every day.

Some people think I’m trying to punish myself by not eating meat (my mother) and some think that I eat like a ‘prisoner’ because I don’t eat meat (again, my mother), none of which are true. People think I’m the fussiest eater out there, but I’m really not, I promise.

My best friend is lacto-vegetarian, and was vegan for a year. She doesn’t eat any (or anything that has) egg, gelatine, meat, any part of animal. This is hard to compete with, me being the humble ovo-vegetarian that I am. If I get a pack of gummy sweets, she’s the first to check the packet for the ingredients, and if that g-word is there? Nope, no candy for the best. And here I am, feeling terrible-like a bad veggie! So I’ve ended up being mostly lacto-vegetarian myself, making eggless pancakes (surprisingly good) and not eating marshmallows.But anyway, for me, there are a couple of truths on being vegetarian, and these are them.

  1. I don’t hate you if you eat meat, and I won’t shove my dietary preferences down your throat, I promise. I’m only saying this because I’ve met some Zionist Vegetarians…and they’re scary, I won’t lie. But I don’t eat meat, you do, and that’s a-o-good.
  2. Fish counts. Hello, when will some of the ignorant folk of this dear planet that we live on realise that fish is meat? Fish are animals, and regardless of how much you dress them up (difficult, because they’re dead, and also because they’re fish), I don’t eat animals, dead or alive. So no thanks.
  3. Just because I’m vegetarian, it doesn’t mean that I’m plagued by some terrifying disease due to my lack of iron.  I’m one of the few with an iron deficiency, but I’ve had that since I was born, and I promise you – I wasn’t born vegetarian. I’ve literally heard people say, “She can’t run this race, she’s vegetarian.” What the heck does that mean? No! I can do anything, even eat meat- I just don’t want to.
  4. Not all vegetarians are hippies. Not all hippies are vegetarian. Granted, I’m an environmentalist and proclaimed tree hugger, but not everyone is! And when I say hippies, I mean 60’s-trippy-peace-love-hippies. Not hipSTERS, as in kids born in 1999 calling themselves 90’s kids,  wearing headbands and bangles.
  5. Finally, Meat substitutes exist. You literally have no idea how many times I’ve been called a “fake veggie” for eating a burger, or a hotdog. People! I’m vegetarian! What part of “I don’t eat animal” is hard to understand?

Anywho, now that you all know, maybe the next vegetarian you meet will be a little bit easier to understand.

You’re looking stunning today, by the way.  🙂

All my love all the time

-Scoot xx