Merry Cringemas! | Blogmas Day 24!


I spent yesterday watching Christmas movies and getting proper festive, and today I’ve said “merry Christmas” at least 30 times. My Love Actually count is currently at 3. Hot chocolate and The Polar Express has happened. There has been the slightest bit of a massive family crisis, but it was (is) mostly massive.

On the topic of Christmas movies, have you seen this video? Hazel Hayes, with the help of the FieldDay channel managed to recreate 12 iconic movie scenes in one take. WATCH IT.

The man in the fat suit comes tonight, and I have left no cookies for him. Simply because I ate them — definitely not because I don’t believe. I refuse to be called a doubter.

This year, I discovered a near-first-edition of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. Despite the pdf form of it, it was a gorgeous read, and I thoroughly adored the illustrations. Thank you!

Screenshot (243).png

Screenshot (242)

I’m really keen to get under the tree this year. Not me – I’m not a present, but the presents are, well, present, and I’m excited to see what’s in the shoebox that doesn’t have shoes.

In my family, we open presents on Christmas morning. In that of my gorgeous friend, Christmas Eve is Christmas – her grandmother used to be an army nurse and didn’t get Christmas off to spend with the family. Christmas is all around, and you know what else is? LOVE ACTUALLY IS ALL AROUND.

I couldn’t resist. I’m going to watch Love Actually again.

Merry Christmas (eve?) everyone! I’m quite proud of myself for mostly making it through blogmas. If you’re feeling particularly reminiscent, you can find the entire season’s posts right here. I never thought I’d do nearly as well as I did! I’ve found some extraordinary blogs and bloggers because of my Christmas craziness, and I’m so thankful for them – and excited to read more of their stuff! To everyone who I’ve met along the way – Merry Christmas!

May your Christmas Day and 2016 be merry and bright! To all of my lovely readers – I treasure you all endlessly. I hope to reach new heights with you all next year – thank you for sticking around.

Happy Christmas!

Love and light,
shalom xo

ps: somebody just started up their fireworks and it is 9:07 pm on christmas eve – can you say READY

Christmas on tumblr. | Blogmas Day 12

Discoveries: I missed the deadline for Christmas delivery for most of the online gifts I wanted to get for mia familia. Worse discovery: I missed it by ONE DAY.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to sleep at all last night, resulting in me seeing the sunset, on-off rain for about 5 hours, and the sunrise. The day has been, for lack of a better word, tiring.

Tomorrow should be better as I am blogging from bed which never happens. I may well get to sleep before tomorrow! I plan to vlog the day at the Christmas Market we’re going to, and hopefully manage to get over this crazy life jetlag I’ve been feeling – it;s just like regular jetlag, except I haven’t traveled anywhere.



And for good measure, Dan and Phil’s 2014 festivities:

EVERYTHING ON THE INTERNET IS SO. DAMN. FESTIVE. None of the above photographs belong to me, and full credit goes to the content creators on tumblr.

For today’s cheesy af Christmas tune:

Love and light,
shalom x