Two Weeks ‘Til 2016 | Blogmas Day 18

I’m coming to you today from an anxious – and dare I say, excited? – standpoint.

First off, I finished ALL of my Christmas shopping for my family yesterday, and managed to get some super cheap SUPER CUTE Christmas cards for the friends.





Secondly; I spent a lot of yesterday thinking about how 2016 is two weeks away, and what that means for me. For me, the year that I may have already screwed up by almost entirely banking on going overseas for university is 2016. 2016 is waiting for admissions decisions and comprehending the fact that 18 will be real. (If you haven’t been around for the previous birthday existential crises, you are in for one heck of a ride.)

I spent a lot of time thinking about what I want this blog to be, how I want to grow…professionally (?) and about myself as a brand. I’m my own brand? It’s a weird way of thinking.

I’m kind of excited though. Between getting my results and admissions decisions and employment (we HOPE) and anniversaries (we HOPE), I’m looking forward to what could happen.

2016 will be more thank yous rather than I’m sorrys. Confused? Here’s this:

Less apologising for my existence; more thanking, appreciating and progressing. More progress.

What’re you looking forward to?

Love and light,

Christmas College | Blogmas Day 6

Thank you for returning, if you’re a returnee! If not, let me fill you in: yesterday was really shit, and yesterday’s post was really shit, and the returnees are gems for having returned. As are you, for showing up. Are we all on the same page?

To get us all warmed up for the brilliant boring-ness that is my life, have this:



A video posted by Teen Wolf (@stiles.scott.isaac) on Dec 5, 2015 at 11:45pm PST


Onto today! I started today in tears, and woke up awfully sick and stuffy. Again. Do tears make you sick? I thought to myself, “today seems nice enough. I should vlog. Should defs find my camera.” I didn’t. In any case, I spent my mid-morning / afternoon at the Rosebank Rooftop Market, which was incredible. There were so many stalls, so much food, and crazy talented tap dancers. I wish I took more photographs – the market was amazing from start to finish. Also, there was a juice bar. JUICE. BAR.

Upon arriving home, I was slapped in the face by two things: A reminder from myself in the form of SHALOM YOU IDIOT YOU HAVEN’T BEEN TAKING YOUR AFTERNOON MEDS YOU FOOL; and THE SCHOLARSHIP DEADLINE IS DECEMBER 10TH YOU FOOL FINISH YOUR APPS YOU FOOL.

I refer to myself as “you fool” in my head an awful lot.

As I type this, the day is almost out. I have not even opened the application portal. I am now a secret santa to someone in my family, broke, trying to organise sleepovers, envious, disheveled (and not in a cute way), biting the nail polish off of my sad excuses for fingernails, in a lot of pain, and listening to love songs.

I ate almost a litre of ice-cream yesterday. I’m doing substantially better. I wish I could go to uni to learn how to Christmas more effectively. Christmas College. I think I’m going to title this post with that.

If any kind souls out there would be keen to proofread my college app supplements, let me know? I’d owe you endless.

Love and light,
shalom x