Scoot on ~ being angry

I’m angry.

I’m angry because of reasons, and legitimate ones at that. Not reasons like “the sky is bluer than it was yesterday and now the sky feels like it has an iferiority complex with itself of yesterday” though that too could be a pretty valid point.

I’m angry because racism still exists. I am so tired of racist people, you literally have no idea. I don’t care what colour you are, if I like the way you think (i.e. if you actually think) then I like you! And that’s how it goes for me. But we just have some RACIST ASS BEEPERS in this world and I have no clue why. “I hate white/black/asian people because my parents hate them.” DAHECK IS YOUR PROBLEM? DO YOU HAVE NO MIND? I think that racist people should be vapourised, because God could use that skin and body you’re being racist in for something else, like, hmm, I don’t know, pehaps a human being who treats other people with respect?

I’m angry because homophobia is till a thing. I cannot stand those people who think that their kids will “catch gayness” from being around someone who is EXACTLY the same but loves someone different to how you do. I don’t get it. Listen, if a kid comes out after talking to a gay person, THEY WERE GAY TO BEGIN WITH! Like stop this, “No don’t go there he’ll hurt you” or “Don’t let her come close to you” rubbish. I think it’s such crap and I think that anyone who’s homophobic deserves to be smacked once. Then have some sense drilled into their heads, with a drill if unnecessary.

Lastly, I’m angry because people are intolerant. And not just “Mmm yeah I cant deal walking away” intolerant, intolerant as in REFUSE to be in the same room with people because, I don’t know, they think they’re better somehow? They just refuse to put up with anyone who’s a little, bit , or a lot different to them? Nay. That I cannot do with. Those people need hugs. Then cereal, because if that cant fix them…nothing will.

Anyway, that’s all for tonight’s rant, and I’m really glad I got it out there. Also, to whoever’s reading this, I really and truly appreciate you. I mean I started this new blog because I needed newness in my life and seeing that someone read an article, or liked something makes me get 13 self esteem points. So thank you, beautiful creation. 

All my love all the time

-Scoot xx


Scoot on ~ being vegetarian

My name is Scoot, and I am a vegetarian.

Sounds like some strange introduction to an AA gathering, but you know that same apprehensive, sad, pitiful tone people get when they hear that someone’s in the AA? That tone, is what I get almost every day.

Some people think I’m trying to punish myself by not eating meat (my mother) and some think that I eat like a ‘prisoner’ because I don’t eat meat (again, my mother), none of which are true. People think I’m the fussiest eater out there, but I’m really not, I promise.

My best friend is lacto-vegetarian, and was vegan for a year. She doesn’t eat any (or anything that has) egg, gelatine, meat, any part of animal. This is hard to compete with, me being the humble ovo-vegetarian that I am. If I get a pack of gummy sweets, she’s the first to check the packet for the ingredients, and if that g-word is there? Nope, no candy for the best. And here I am, feeling terrible-like a bad veggie! So I’ve ended up being mostly lacto-vegetarian myself, making eggless pancakes (surprisingly good) and not eating marshmallows.But anyway, for me, there are a couple of truths on being vegetarian, and these are them.

  1. I don’t hate you if you eat meat, and I won’t shove my dietary preferences down your throat, I promise. I’m only saying this because I’ve met some Zionist Vegetarians…and they’re scary, I won’t lie. But I don’t eat meat, you do, and that’s a-o-good.
  2. Fish counts. Hello, when will some of the ignorant folk of this dear planet that we live on realise that fish is meat? Fish are animals, and regardless of how much you dress them up (difficult, because they’re dead, and also because they’re fish), I don’t eat animals, dead or alive. So no thanks.
  3. Just because I’m vegetarian, it doesn’t mean that I’m plagued by some terrifying disease due to my lack of iron.  I’m one of the few with an iron deficiency, but I’ve had that since I was born, and I promise you – I wasn’t born vegetarian. I’ve literally heard people say, “She can’t run this race, she’s vegetarian.” What the heck does that mean? No! I can do anything, even eat meat- I just don’t want to.
  4. Not all vegetarians are hippies. Not all hippies are vegetarian. Granted, I’m an environmentalist and proclaimed tree hugger, but not everyone is! And when I say hippies, I mean 60’s-trippy-peace-love-hippies. Not hipSTERS, as in kids born in 1999 calling themselves 90’s kids,  wearing headbands and bangles.
  5. Finally, Meat substitutes exist. You literally have no idea how many times I’ve been called a “fake veggie” for eating a burger, or a hotdog. People! I’m vegetarian! What part of “I don’t eat animal” is hard to understand?

Anywho, now that you all know, maybe the next vegetarian you meet will be a little bit easier to understand.

You’re looking stunning today, by the way.  🙂

All my love all the time

-Scoot xx