So I’m bubbling with excitement to tell you all some things that could be fairly AMAZING for this blog ­čśÇ

I’ve been thinking of doing some sort of a series for a while now, and I am pleased to announce that I will be starting my art[i]st series next week! Eek!

Basically, I have a line up of interviews with some of the most amazing creative minds that I’ve been able to come across, and I’ll be publishing the result of those interviews here. It sounds really boring when I phrase it like that, but it’s very kick ass, believe me.

I can’t wait to get this going! Links to all of┬áthe interviews will┬ábe found under the art[i]st tab in the headline bar, next to “Posts and Such”, and the art[i]st category will also contain these interviews!


-Scoot xx


ps it’s my birthday party tomorrow i.e. cause for panic :s