Scoot on ~ The Beautiful Craziness That Is My Home




Beautiful beings, I’m back! Huge huge huge shout outs to my dearest dearest Jess – this girl is my the left boob to my life and I really did miss her! (‘Left boob’ being an affectionate term, and contrary to popular or unpopular belief, Jessica Rachel Craven is not a breast.) Then to Miss Beckensträter: JENNA YOU’RE LOVELY AND I HOPE YOU’RE DOING A-O-GOOD PIE! And lastly, to anyone and everyone out there who reads this, to beating hearts all around: I hope I get to come in contact with your beautiful soul someday! ♥

Now, the question at hand: Where the hell have I been, and WHY ME NO UPDATE????

To be frank, *takes deep breath*, I went to Ethiopia for 2 weeks because my dad now works at the AU and I sat in the lobby of the apartment we were staying in because the wifi was there and at every available moment, so was I, and I wrote posts and published two of them and also stayed indoors of the Furnished Diplomat Apartments, Addis Ababa, for most of the time except during the last week when I went to the AU (African Union) Headquarters and the National Museum of Ethiopia partially because I had to take pictures or my friend Rebecca would kill me with fire and then I packed up my stuff and headed back to South Africa for all of one day and then re-packed and hopped back on a plane to Nigeria where *ANOTHER DEEP BREATH* we’d be denied visitation rights to my mother’s insanely amazing familia and forced to go to y father’s village where everything village like exists including evil witches who use you don’t want to get on the bad side of and I got malaria and then flew back and I am now in Johannesburg in my house on a couch updating.

In brief, that’s where I’ve been the past month. 

I’ve been on 4 planes and in 3 airports, and I’m tired as hell on a stick (I do wonder how tired hell really can be if there are people burning in it?I I guess burning is rather tedious.) and right  now, I have some serious appreciation for South Africa.

Today, at 3am, I watched a sunrise from a South African Airways plane seat. I watched the sun rise from above the clouds. I saw my home unfold – and I was silent, for a while. I mean, it’s not every day, or even every second day that you see something like that. And I’m sure I could have been flying to Tehran and seen exactly the same thing, but there’s something about coming home that changes the way everything is. 

I guess it’s been difficult to orient myself with a specific nationality, just in my eyes though. My mom and dad are Nigerian born and raised (HUGE stigma in South Africa) and I was born rather patriotically on July 4th in Prince George’s County, Maryland, USA. I live in Johannesburg, South Africa. 3 passports makes it difficult to identify yourself. I’m an American born South African with Nigerian parents. WHAPOWOWOWOWOW!

After a month away from my own house, I can tell you one thing: Tonight, I may not sleep well. What’s certain, however, is that I’m here in SA, and it is my home; I love it.

I love this country, and I love these people, and I love this place.

Spend a month in the rest of Africa -or even just 2 countries- after living comfortably in Joburg, and you would too.

This pampoen is getting her SOUTH AFRICAN I.D tomorrow 😀 somebody drop a whoop! Stay wonderful now. 😉

All my love, all the time

-Scoot xx

Scoot on ~ vague primary school memories

I don’t know what they call it where you’re from: Elementary & middle school, junior school, that horrible place before high school – whatever. Here in South Africa, it’s primary school, and it’s seven years that’s crazy hard to classify.

I guess the second you get out of seventh grade, you really just want to be out. I mean, it’s high school next, it’s insanely amazing, and it’s gonna be just like the movies. You’re gonna have a High School Musical, and you’re gonna find your very own Troy Bolton, and you’ll be even prettier than Gabriella, and you’re gonna defeat all the Sharpay’s, and you’re going to have friends as loyal and lovely as Kelsey, and I’m going to stop referencing High School Musical, because I’m starting to creep you out…

Anyway, there’s always that thought of ‘The Big Scary Teenagerism’. For most people at my school, you turned 13 the year you were in seventh grade, and you had a huge party, and at the end of the year, you go to your last school dance and you talk about all the boyfriends you had from 3rd till  7th grade, because that’s what counted. You talk about how stupid you were when you were younger, and you forget that you were ten three years ago. That was grade seven.

For some people, grade seven was different. For me, grade seven was when I realised that I didn’t really have any friends, when I tried to fit in with everybody, when all I wanted was to be part of just one group. I tried everything: I cut my hair, I talked different, I even changed my school bag. I never got it though XD I never really was ‘enough’ to be part of those white teeth teens.

One thing I made sure I didn’t do was to promise to keep in touch. Because I knew what that meant. “Keep in touch” meant that you never really talked. It meant that I was going to become that aunt who you saw just per chance, maybe in the store or something. When you said you’d keep in touch, it mean’t that you were saying goodbye. I hated goodbyes. I think I still do, unless I’m saying goodbye to a 30-foot feet eating flying ant or something.

Anyway, this all leads up to one girl I’m here to talk about today. Her name is Avnit Giatt, and I used to be so so jealous of how pretty she is. I think I still am, perhaps to a lesser extent though. Avnit is (from what I remember from 3 years ago) of average height, slim bulid, brown eyed, and insanely beautiful. She’s talented as anything, and her voice makes you question all that you thought was influential before. Also, it’s pronounced Av-Neet.

Avnit moved to Israel two or three months ago, and she’s still as beautiful as before. Only thing is, I promised to keep in touch. I promised. I never did, and now she’s in the Middle East, at least 5 hours away from me in a plane and closer to a million days away on foot. I won’t lie, I miss her.  I miss the way she’s genuine and true, a bout how she loves abundantly and hasn’t been sucked into society. Or that’s what I think.

I hope not, but I wont ever really know, seeing that I kept in touch. All I did was like a Facebook photo or two, and grant a wall post to ask permission to write this. Avnit, if you read this, I wanted to let you know that I think you’re amazing, and I love you. I truthfully do.

What I do know, is that I’m not going to keep in touch anymore. I’m there, I’m everywhere, I’m either whole heartedly going to contact a person or not at all. Because that’s all that really matters: whether you do, or you don’t.

Do you?

All my love, all the time,

-Scoot xx