In Which I Consider Vision Boards and Their Effectiveness

Aside before we begin: somebody just went into my blog archives and read all my posts from when I was 15. I am cringing for them.

Do you believe in vision boards? Like, I know that you believe that they exist, because they exist, but do you believe that they work? That you can attract things into your life by…visualising them, I guess. It sounds like a lotta lotta mumbo jumbo, and I don’t know if I’m fully here for it, but it doesn’t hurt, right?

Vision boards are said to work on the law of attraction, which is “the name given to the maxim “like attracts like” which in New Thought philosophy is used to sum up the idea that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts a person brings positive or negative experiences into their life.”. Thanks, Wikipedia.

I don’t know if this is entirely true. I mean, Roald Dahl believed it to an extent, and I took most of his writings as gospel truth when I was younger:


I still do, for the most part.

Anyway, the point is that I’ve made a vision board. Well, I’ve started it.The distinct lack of magazine-y things in my house has made it a little difficult, but it still looks pretty rad. I also made it on a day I skipped school. I haven’t put up a section regarding graduation or this degree yet. I probably should.


Welcome to my vision board! There’s a lot of mess up here, but it’s meaningful mess. (Anyone catch my Hamilton reference?) What’s up here right now is all the things I’d like to be associated with, things I’d like to have, things I’d like to do…things that I’d like the future to bring. I seriously need to dedicate a corner to this degree.

I’m not sure what I’m aspiring to yet. I’m (1) aspiring to not being so crippled by the future or the idea of time, and I’m not too sure what else. Beyonce Knowles. (That’s a pun. Beyonce knows. Get it? I’m laughing at myself.)


Do you really get what you give? Because I’m waiting for the truckload of all the positivity to explode on my forehead. For real. Not that I’m positive to receive positivity, but that it’d be nice to get some back. I don’t know.

If the New Radicals said it, it must be true.

Today is the coldest wintery day so far and I am loving it. I’m also about to try to convince my sister to drive me out to get Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Or any doughnuts. I’m just in need of doughnuts.

love and light,
shalom xo


Aloha friends! I’m up bright and early (read: I didn’t go to bed) and I’m feeling very happy.

Today is Tuesday, January 6th 2015. Some observations:

  1.  We’ve made it this far!
  2. It’s the year from Back To The Future!


Before I get into anything and possibly make you lose interest, please listen to THIS beautiful playlist! It’s today’s soundtrack. That’s all.

I went up to the rooftop of my house today, at 5AM to take some pictures of the sky. While I was up there, I had a little exchange with the universe. I let go of so much general crappiness I was carrying and left it. I looked at the sky and danced alone on a roof and was astounded at how much of the world there is, and how easy it is to completely detach from it.

I also got a little sentimental when I realised just how beautiful a Johannesburg sunrise is, because all my life I’ve just wanted to get away from it.

And you know what I’ve realised? That’s okay. You wanna chase the sun across the earth until your 85? Do it. Wanna become a stay at home dad and upholster couches in your spare time? Do it. Have no idea what you want to do or where you’re going? It’s alright. Just don’t stop.

In South Africa, the high school class of 2014 will get their results today. People will cry. People will be overjoyed. People will feel freedom like never before. In a year’s time, I will be those people. I will panic like they are, and I will pray like they are praying. And you know what?

That’s okay.

In the song, Light It Up by Eliza and the Bear, some lyrics kinda grab me by the everything and put things into perspective:

“I lost myself in the cold, but I’m still here. I found myself growing old, but I’m still here.”

We’re all still here . And damnit, we’ll be okay.

Have a beautiful day, lovely people!

Love and light,
shalom x