Guess Who’s Back

How does one start these things? Yeesh. A month is a long time to be away from blogging.

Hello, readers! If you’re returning, get comfortable – your seat has been waiting & warmed. If you’re new, the new passengers’ seating is located by clicking the ‘follow’ button on your right. (Just kidding. You’re welcome, follower or not.)

Since December 2015, a lot has changed. Welcome to 2016! Congrats on making it this far. Here’s a list of things you should have left & brought with you, courtesy of Nathan Zed – one of my top five favourite youtubers at the moment, and also the funniest. And smartest. And one with the best hairline. (I like him a lot.)

Quick recap of January:

  • Matric results (Confused? Look here and here.)
  • Finished uni applications!
  • DRAMA. Family, friend, internet – you name it. All of it.
  • Said goodbye to so many of my friends who started new adventures in Cape Town, the UK, Stellenbosch, Rhodes, Mafikeng, Pennsylvania, Any Other Place That Does Not Permit Me To Get To Them In Under Three Hours…
  • Got dreadlocks? Hopefully, one day they look like Tiffany Ima’s – style icon and ULTIMATE EVERYTHING. That’s her in the featured image.
  • Started uni in SA in the hopes developing my brain before the HOPEFUL OVERSEAS ADMISSIONS LETTERS COME
  • Bank card. Bank fees. Bank. Gross.
  • Lived in filth, i.e. my bedroom & the couch in the lounge that I inhabited (and have since been chased away from).
  • The theme has changed! The About & Welcome pages will be changing, too, soon enough.


My life currently consists of cards, cords, and contact lens solution.

The heatwave and drought South Africa is experiencing right now makes just about zero things easier. I’m melting, my eyeliner is melting, my ice-cream is melting, my patience is melting…things are a little crazy up in here.

Despite it all, I’m making it. My future is still a little (read: EXTREMELY) uncertain, and I’m not sure what’ll happen in the next six months. Hopefully, it involves a scholarship or two, and a flight to a colder part of the world.


David and I have similar to-d0 lists. I, however, am without a single Apple device.

I’ll be posting on Tuesdays and Saturdays this year, and maybe a little more frequently when (a) important things are happening, or (b) a mosquito has bitten my finger and I need to move it. Both situations are applicable today.

Thanks for sticking with me, team internet! I know a handful of you personally, but the majority of you all think that I’m interesting enough to read what I have to say. I appreciate you all, and I hope that 2016 is a heck of a wave that we can all ride together. On separate boards. Mostly because I have no idea how to surf and wouldn’t want to drown you all.

love and light,


photos from death to the stock photo here, and first covers here.

Scoot on ~ The Beautiful Craziness That Is My Home




Beautiful beings, I’m back! Huge huge huge shout outs to my dearest dearest Jess – this girl is my the left boob to my life and I really did miss her! (‘Left boob’ being an affectionate term, and contrary to popular or unpopular belief, Jessica Rachel Craven is not a breast.) Then to Miss Beckensträter: JENNA YOU’RE LOVELY AND I HOPE YOU’RE DOING A-O-GOOD PIE! And lastly, to anyone and everyone out there who reads this, to beating hearts all around: I hope I get to come in contact with your beautiful soul someday! ♥

Now, the question at hand: Where the hell have I been, and WHY ME NO UPDATE????

To be frank, *takes deep breath*, I went to Ethiopia for 2 weeks because my dad now works at the AU and I sat in the lobby of the apartment we were staying in because the wifi was there and at every available moment, so was I, and I wrote posts and published two of them and also stayed indoors of the Furnished Diplomat Apartments, Addis Ababa, for most of the time except during the last week when I went to the AU (African Union) Headquarters and the National Museum of Ethiopia partially because I had to take pictures or my friend Rebecca would kill me with fire and then I packed up my stuff and headed back to South Africa for all of one day and then re-packed and hopped back on a plane to Nigeria where *ANOTHER DEEP BREATH* we’d be denied visitation rights to my mother’s insanely amazing familia and forced to go to y father’s village where everything village like exists including evil witches who use you don’t want to get on the bad side of and I got malaria and then flew back and I am now in Johannesburg in my house on a couch updating.

In brief, that’s where I’ve been the past month. 

I’ve been on 4 planes and in 3 airports, and I’m tired as hell on a stick (I do wonder how tired hell really can be if there are people burning in it?I I guess burning is rather tedious.) and right  now, I have some serious appreciation for South Africa.

Today, at 3am, I watched a sunrise from a South African Airways plane seat. I watched the sun rise from above the clouds. I saw my home unfold – and I was silent, for a while. I mean, it’s not every day, or even every second day that you see something like that. And I’m sure I could have been flying to Tehran and seen exactly the same thing, but there’s something about coming home that changes the way everything is. 

I guess it’s been difficult to orient myself with a specific nationality, just in my eyes though. My mom and dad are Nigerian born and raised (HUGE stigma in South Africa) and I was born rather patriotically on July 4th in Prince George’s County, Maryland, USA. I live in Johannesburg, South Africa. 3 passports makes it difficult to identify yourself. I’m an American born South African with Nigerian parents. WHAPOWOWOWOWOW!

After a month away from my own house, I can tell you one thing: Tonight, I may not sleep well. What’s certain, however, is that I’m here in SA, and it is my home; I love it.

I love this country, and I love these people, and I love this place.

Spend a month in the rest of Africa -or even just 2 countries- after living comfortably in Joburg, and you would too.

This pampoen is getting her SOUTH AFRICAN I.D tomorrow 😀 somebody drop a whoop! Stay wonderful now. 😉

All my love, all the time

-Scoot xx

Scoot on ~ introvertedness and seemingly meaningless chitter chatter

Oh, hello there! You, with the face? Unless you don’t have a face, that’d be awkward – but still! Come one, come all to the Scoot’s gonna fail her maths final and is back to her blog after 3 weeks party!

I have missed this. Not the heat from my laptop dangerously warming le thighs, but this, this platform. I guess I’m back partially because I’m procrastinating, and because Jess updated today, and also because I met one of my followers last weekend! She’s twelve years old and asked me to write something for her, so I guess this is for you Alenshka! Not this specifically but this in general…you get what I mean x_x

So I have a tendency of blabbering on about nothing while valuable people make meaningful contributions to society, and also to those of us who live on the internet and make no meaningful  contribution to society. I blabber a lot. In Afrikaans, I’d be called a babbelkous . Regardless, I like to blabber. I like to talk too much and yell a lot and get yelled at for talking too much and yelling to loud and causing a general ruckus…okay, maybe less than I thought.

I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be introverted. I guess for the first couple of years in my life in school, I was introverted. I used to love hearing what people had to say, I used to need time alone to regroup, I used to take great pleasure in teaching other people things I’d read, counting people ahead of me, observing behaviour, and having conversations with myself.

Funnily enough, nothing’s changed. Though if you ask anybody who thinks that he or she knows me, you’ll learn that introvert is often the absolute opposite-last-world-ended-all-dictionaries-destroyed-no-more-words-crazy-dilemma-we’re-all-secretly-dead word to describe me.

I’m crazy loud. I know, it get’s to people’s ears, and sometimes to the people themselves, but what can I do? I like to talk, I like to sing, I like to live most days! And with good reason, I mean I think it’s pretty amazing that one day you weren’t even thought of, and in the next ten years you’re fighting with your parents. Okay, perhaps not the best example, but still: life is insane, and totally harsh and ridiculous, but lovely nonetheless. (Sorry about the bold. I love that word. Nonetheless. Eep!)

Back to my struggle of intro-extra-upside-topsy-turvy-vertedness, I don’t really know what I am. I don’t know what makes me not introverted, apart from the fact that I love people, and I love to be around them. Okay, so maybe I know. I guess I’m just not willing to accept the label of ‘extrovert’ for some strange reason. I’ve always hated labels. Somebody puts you in a box and it takes a really long to get out. And once you finally do, you’re put in another box, and another, until you finally break out of all these boxes, only to be put inside one inside the ground.

Anyway, that’s really all I have to say today. I have to study, though I’d much rather go outside. It’s drizzling, you know those pathetic little storms that keep rumbling on with their thunder, and tease about with their periodical raindrops? That kind.

I’m glad you read this, because if you do, it means that you can read. And some people can’t. And no, I’m not saying that because I live in Africa: I’m saying that because I appreciate reading, and because you should too.

You’re fabulous. And you’d probably think that’s obligatory for me to say, but it’s not. I genuinely think so – I mean, you read this far.

All my love, all the time

-Scoot xx