A Christmas Miracle | Blogmas Day 22?

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I’ve been out of action for a while, but I take zero responsibility for it. Zeus threw a hissy fit of epic proportions, resulting in an electric storm that shocked our home PC, several power stations, and a major reservoir. Not your average second sentence.

We’ve been without power for a while, and our friendly neighbouring suburbs (jk i have no clue if they are friendly) have been without water. It’s been a fun lead up to Christmas!

It really hasn’t.

The Christmas tree is, according to my brother, “loaded”, and everyone’s gifts are -haha- present. [insert picture I 100% did take because I did not lose my camera AGAIN]

I received an email from one of my prospective unis today, and pretended to work on the scholarship essays that I really need to be working on. I feel like these posts have had a similar theme?

What’s in store for me is a massive anxiety attack concerning the fact that THE FUTURE is in a little over a week. When 2015 is over, my schooling career will officially be as well? I don’t know, it’s just a strange set of circumstances for me to come to terms with. I also don’t yet have a planner for next year, and I am that planner person. UGH.

In any case, I have a friendioni coming over tomorrow (i don’t know what friendioni means) and I plan to get my Love Actually fix before the festive period is up. I need a tea in a Christmas mug ASAP,because Lord knows my festivity is wearing thin.

Please note: SUPER festive. (also, that poor tiny dog!)

Love and light,
shalom xo

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Reasons to love Lorde & Disclosure’s MAGNETS video

I started this post two days ago. Seriously.

Okay, so that sounded more like a Buzzfeed title than I intended.

Lorde & Disclosure teamed up earlier this year to create the “dark electric blues and greens” track that “moves like liquid”. The product of the combination was MAGNETS. The track is available for download on iTunes here.

Now, let’s talk about this video.


This video is just !!! It gives me life. The narrative changes from “oh, classy Lorde” to “affair?” to “omg hit girl?” It’s amazing. Here’s what Lorde had to say about it:

The reason I love Lorde is because she’s so unapolagetically herself. Ella is 18, and takes no shit. It’s brilliant, and it’s what I want to be at 18. Her tumblr has kept me alive since 2012 and everyone should follow her if you’re in need of something to scroll through for hours and reconsider the state of everything. You should. Seriously. Right here.

That’s all I have to say about MAGNETS. It’s currently my favourite song. I adore the video. Ella Yelich-O’Connor is my hero.

love and light,
shalom x