Scoot on ~ 100 happy days

Hi friends! So it is currently 3:56 AM and I am drastically unprepared for my history test that is happening in +- 6 hours but I’m also feeling really sick so there’s that too.


Anyway, I wanted to ask you all about something: this 100 happy days challenge. The question, and challenge in itself is as simple as it makes itself out to be: can you be happy for 100 days?

I met a beautiful girl named Mia at a band’s gig thing a couple of weeks ago, and she just finished the challenge. I was pretty damn jealous THE ENTIRE TIME. Not because she was happy, but probably because I couldn’t see myself that happy. Check out her instagram here.


So I’m officially taking on this challenge. I won’t lie to you, I have dark days. DARK ASS DAYS. Though most of them pass, some linger and there’s not much to be done about them. These next 100  days? There’s a start.

So, I’ll be tracking my progress on Instagram (see right panel) with MY OWN HASHTAG WHICH MAKES ME VERY EXCITED – probably #happyscoot or #scootishappy or #shalomishappy or #happyshalom – and you can all see either how badly I flop at this, or how okay I am in 100 days time.

Happy days for the win.


-Scoot xxx

Scoot on ~ sleeping and the lack thereof


It’s a well-known fact that teenagers should sleep. Whoever came up with that fact obviously hasn’t met the internet–supposed that they’re still alive, and if not…well God bless his or her soul.

Anywho, about two nights ago I went to bed at around 4 am, only to find that the sun was already rising, leaving me to consume my 3am ice cream in much despair, because of school in 3 hours and other ridiculous things that I believe nobody should have to ever worry about. I couldn’t sleep (duh) and I couldn’t figure out why either. It’s like 4 out of 5 voices in my head wanted to sleep, and the other one was thinking things like, “If tomatoes are a fruit, then is ketchup actually a smoothie? And also, does thee colour orange have the name of the fruit, or the fruit the name of the colour?” 
You see I’m not crazy. I know some people will beg to differ, but I’m not, I swear. I’m being serious here, I’m wouldn’t surprise you with any euphemisms (i.e. I’m just special, or I’m different) if I meant I was actually batshit crazy. I don’t have voices voices I’m my head, just regular voices in my head voices. (Say voices fast 12 times. 😛 )
These voices aren’t always helpful, and neither are the things that people tell you to do to help you sleep. Well, not for me anyway. So I’ve come up with a list of:
Things That DO NOT Help One To Sleep
  1. Counting sheep. Who in the hell came up with this? Seriously, like where does this come from? Because somebody decided that an adequate,appropriate way for someone to fall asleep would be for them to count some wool-making, cloud-looking farm animal. What?  Why would anybody want to think of a sheep if they’re having trouble sleeping? Maybe it’s the “soft and fluffy” mentality. But still, no ways.
  2. Trying to dream.  THIS DOESN’T WORK! I can testify, from about six years of experience. You want to dream about bunnies? Good for you! You think  planning your dream before you sleep is gonna help you out? WRONG. That does nothing but leave you in this half-awake half-dreaming state, and it’s awful. I’m not talking about lucid dreaming here, because that’s actually quite cool (For those of you who didn’t know, lucid dreaming is being able to control your dreams by being awake in them. Here’s how:  http://‎ 
  3. Lastly, Crawling into bed. Granted this helps whenever you need to be studying, or doing something important, but the moment you get into a bed to do what a bed was made for (sleep if you wondered, naughty :O ).

So in conclusion, I’m tired. And sleep is SO necessary right now. But maybe I can go another day…them Youtube videos keep me up anyway..

All my love all the time

-Scoot xx