Scoot on ~ consistency and procastiation

Okay, so I’m not the most consistent person out there.

I apologise profusely for my lack of posting over the past week or so, I’ve just been super busy with a big programming project. As you may guess, it’s important…therefore I should be working on it. But instead I’m here, ready to ramble on about something new that’s plagued me.

I have a problem called procrastination.

I know, we all do. But sometimes, there is need for an intervention. Like me for example. In preparation for finals in 2 weeks, I’ve been frantically making study notes that are illegible and to anyone but myself. I’ve also taken to leaving my study notes in the following format:

*writes title*…*draws flower*…*labels flower The Flower Of Procrastination *…*closes study book*

This is what I’ve been doing. I guess I’m not at the stage where I tie a towel around my neck and run around yelling “Pale Pixie to the rescue” like my friend Jess. Because that’s exactly what she did during mid-year exams.

I guess I understand the point of exams: to test knowledge gained throughout the year. But surely it’s a test of willpower as well? I mean, it’s like a giant competition: Who has enough willpower to cancel all plans, avoid the internet and study their ass off? I think that I should be allowed to refuse this willpower test. I mean, Jess & I are vegetarians — willpower much? MUCH.

It pays off. Eventually, I suppose. You see, some of it doesn’t though. CAN ANYBODY TELL ME WHERE I’M GOING TO USE TRIGONOMETRY? Honest to everything, I type this with an exasperated rage as I download extra trig notes. Believe me, I don’t make claims without doing my research: I did! If you want to use trig when you grow up, “Become a plumber,” my math teacher once said.

A plumber? Seriously?

I don’t know why these things exist, or why I keep having random OH MY GOD EXAMS ARE IN TWO WEEKS AND MY PROGRAMMING IS DUE NEXT MONDAY WHY IS LIFE SO DIFFICULT WHAT WHY IS THIS EVEN HAPPENING panic outbursts.

Life is getting too hard. I just want to stop and be  a cat, or a penguin, with no social responsibility except to be adorable and be loved by everyone.

Keep shining now. 🙂

All my love all the time,

-Scoot xx

Scoot on ~ the joy of 3am snacks

I eat a lot. And I’m not saying that as one of those tall skinny minnies who eat four biscuits and mourn for themselves, in the form of, “Ohmigaad, I ate, like, 4 biscuits. Like four! Oh my gosh, I’m like, gonna get like, super fat!” No, I’m not like that. Best believe that when I say I eat or ate a lot, I ate an awful lot. And I guess I can just be like a normal kid and eat a lot when there’s food available, i.e. dinner. No, not me- you see I just have to be that kid who goes and has 3am snacks.

You read right, not midnight snacks. 3 AM SNACKS. As in 3 in the morning. According to Troye Sivan,Midnight snacks are reserved for people who make an actual contribution to society, whereas 3am snacks are reserved to those of us who make NO social contribution at all.”  The link to the video is here ->

So the point that I’ve been beating around is that I eat a hell of a lot. Being a ballet dancer, I guess im not supposed to eat a bowl of ice-cream with cookies and syrup in it (I know it sounds gross, but it is heavenly). I probably eat 143 times a day, and I’m not talking little snacks. I mean I eat everything. Except meat, being vegetarian and all.

On that subject, apparently once you become a vegetarian, you’re said to lose a hell of a lot of weight due to cutting out this huge part of your diet (read about that here, on my friend’s blog: I never had any of that, any “Oh I’m getting so thin my collar bones have become keyhooks” Or “Look how much weight I’ve lost, my ribs are poking out”–NEVER.

And I don’t know why, maybe it had to do with the fact that im already relatively thin, or that I have a super fast metabolism. Egh, really it’s a mystery I’d rather not care about, to be honest. I think 3am snacks are valuable to human life,and everyone should have them once in a while. I mean, if you’re like me, it’ll result in a sleepy mother running down the stairs telling you how if she ever sees you in that kitchen after 10 pm, there’ll be dire consequences (in which case you continue eating at 3 am) Or maybe your stepmom will be in the kitchen drinking cough syrup when she see’s you chowing on the crackers in the pantry and asks “What the hell are you doing?” (in which case you reply with “couldn’t sleep” and carry all food to your bedroom). I don’t know, to each their own.

If you’ve never had a 3am snack, I think you’re missing out. Because the joy of such a snack is simply found in the fact that everyone is asleep. Except you, and you can just eat, and eat, and eat, and eat…

I guess that an upside is that if anyone ever asks you “what do you do at 3am” you have an answer, while everyone’s  will be something super lame, like “Um, sleeping?”

In the case that my confessions of being an avid early morning snacker have scared you, I think it’s because you’ve never tried it. I mean, after that first 3am snack, you’ll never be the same. I guess once you go snack, you never go back!

You all are all so lovely, I’d love it if you’d drop a comment and make my day 😀 thanks beautiful peeplos! 😀

All my love all the time,

-Scoot xx

Scoot on ~ being vegetarian

My name is Scoot, and I am a vegetarian.

Sounds like some strange introduction to an AA gathering, but you know that same apprehensive, sad, pitiful tone people get when they hear that someone’s in the AA? That tone, is what I get almost every day.

Some people think I’m trying to punish myself by not eating meat (my mother) and some think that I eat like a ‘prisoner’ because I don’t eat meat (again, my mother), none of which are true. People think I’m the fussiest eater out there, but I’m really not, I promise.

My best friend is lacto-vegetarian, and was vegan for a year. She doesn’t eat any (or anything that has) egg, gelatine, meat, any part of animal. This is hard to compete with, me being the humble ovo-vegetarian that I am. If I get a pack of gummy sweets, she’s the first to check the packet for the ingredients, and if that g-word is there? Nope, no candy for the best. And here I am, feeling terrible-like a bad veggie! So I’ve ended up being mostly lacto-vegetarian myself, making eggless pancakes (surprisingly good) and not eating marshmallows.But anyway, for me, there are a couple of truths on being vegetarian, and these are them.

  1. I don’t hate you if you eat meat, and I won’t shove my dietary preferences down your throat, I promise. I’m only saying this because I’ve met some Zionist Vegetarians…and they’re scary, I won’t lie. But I don’t eat meat, you do, and that’s a-o-good.
  2. Fish counts. Hello, when will some of the ignorant folk of this dear planet that we live on realise that fish is meat? Fish are animals, and regardless of how much you dress them up (difficult, because they’re dead, and also because they’re fish), I don’t eat animals, dead or alive. So no thanks.
  3. Just because I’m vegetarian, it doesn’t mean that I’m plagued by some terrifying disease due to my lack of iron.  I’m one of the few with an iron deficiency, but I’ve had that since I was born, and I promise you – I wasn’t born vegetarian. I’ve literally heard people say, “She can’t run this race, she’s vegetarian.” What the heck does that mean? No! I can do anything, even eat meat- I just don’t want to.
  4. Not all vegetarians are hippies. Not all hippies are vegetarian. Granted, I’m an environmentalist and proclaimed tree hugger, but not everyone is! And when I say hippies, I mean 60’s-trippy-peace-love-hippies. Not hipSTERS, as in kids born in 1999 calling themselves 90’s kids,  wearing headbands and bangles.
  5. Finally, Meat substitutes exist. You literally have no idea how many times I’ve been called a “fake veggie” for eating a burger, or a hotdog. People! I’m vegetarian! What part of “I don’t eat animal” is hard to understand?

Anywho, now that you all know, maybe the next vegetarian you meet will be a little bit easier to understand.

You’re looking stunning today, by the way.  🙂

All my love all the time

-Scoot xx